Wierded Out

Friday, March 21, 2008

This may be the best way to describe my feelings about being interviewed.

We Bloggers tend to be odd, solitary creatures - rarely identified in the Open ocean of society. Our funny, sarcastic conversations take place mainly in our heads.

I hope I can seem like I have my shit vaguely together. Oh, and that my unmanageable hair behaves. Just a little. I am a girl after all.

I'll fill you in on my surreal journey later.

(P.S. Fox Business News - today between 11 and Noon. I'll be in a red dress. You know, so the bulls will see me)

3 Baleful Regards:

Beth said...

Hey Dawn...I missed it on tv but hoped to catch it online. What's the segement called?

Anonymous said...

DAMMIT. I missed it because I read this too late.

Going to check Fox Business News online now...

Amanda said...

Damn, those shoes are fierce.

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