My Body is their Wonderland

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

This morning:

Terrance: Emily, what are you doing?
Emily: I am going to get dressed in Mama's room.
Terrance: Don't go in there and wake your mother up.
Emily: I'm not.  (closing my bedroom door behind her)
Terrance: Open up that door Emily. I know you are going to try to wake your mother up.
Emily: No - I just need to , um, Use her deodorant. Oh, Good Morning Mama!

Later, once Em is at school.

Terrance: Wow. Your boobs are huge today!
Dawn: Yeah, they are really kind of sore

Long Silence.

Dawn: If you come over here and try to touch them, I am cutting off your hands.
Terrance: Ok, Then.

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