"Are you a frustrated power hungry bitch? We have the job for you!"

Monday, August 29, 2005

I would like to see the job description for the secretaries at the front desk of my daughters public school. Here is what I imagine it may read like- from my persepctive of interacting with them:

Are you an incredible bitch? Do you enjoy demeaning parents and asking them inane questions like "Why do you want to go to your child's classroom?" Would you enjoy ingnoring parents standing at the front desk and talking with your other overweight collegues? Then we have the job for you! Be a school secretary and enjoy all of this and much, much more. You can call parents and tell them if they don't supply the paperwork that they faxed to you that their child can't attend school. When they call to state that they HAVE faxed the paperwork, assume an indignant attitude and say "I am inundated with paper, I can't keep track of everything." When a parent shows up on the first day of school to go to their child's classroom, say suspiciously "Why are you here again?" and then demand that they wait until 8:30 to go down to the room, only after putting on a small label with "Visitor". Belittle them, insult their intelligence- what do they care - they only gave birth to the reason you have a god damn job!

I put her on the bus today - and then drove up to the school - before the bus got there to watch her get off the bus. I also met the teacher - she seems like an OK hippy-esque person and announced to her that I was terrified- I was giving her my most precious thing. Then I watched. I watched my daughter walk in as confident as can be, say "Hi Mom" hang up her coat and backpack, and walk around the room - checking it out and mingling. Finally she said, "Mom you can go now." and I kissed her and walked out VERY FAST, so as not to interact with the gatekeepers of hell ( the secretaries) She seemed so big, and competant. Everything I wanted for her- everything I fear for her.

Tomorrow, the special ed meeting......

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Kaycee said...

When I went to school in San Antonio, we had the worlds BEST school secretary! In fact we are still friends to this day!

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