Thursday, August 25, 2005

Slowly the medicine kicks in and slowly I return to myself. I laughed – authenthically – for the first time yesterday, in a really long time. I was reading The Onion.

Then I decided to prder Pro-Activ stuff, since at age 35 I fell that I have the right to not break out on my chin. I immediately feel silly for ordering acne medication on the internet and wonder how I am going to smuggle this into my house and use it without my husband’s knowledge…or the mocking that will follow the discovery.

I go home last night and while I lie in bed reading, a voice calls from the living room.

Him:“Honey, can you stop at Wal-Mart tomorrow and pick me up some Crest White Strips?”

Me: “OK, No Problem. Can I tell you something that you are going to make fun of me for?”

Footsteps approaching the bedroom and my husband appears

Him: “What is it?”

Me: “I ordered Pro-Activ for my skin today”

Him: “Why? Your skin looks fine”

(Might I add that this is the ONLY correct answer he could have offered and remained married)

Me: “Well, I hate that I am breaking out on my chin.”

Him: “Oh, well Ok. Now you and Puff Daddy can have good skin together.” Hysterical laughter ensues.. then slows.
Him: “Well, I shouldn’t talk, I am getting you to buy me teeth whitening strips.”

Me: (Smiling) “Exactly”

Vanity, thy name Is Pro-Activ and Teeth Whitening Strips

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