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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Me: "Yeah, so We'll be having thanksgiving, you know, American Thanksgiving, and everyone else around us will be just going on like normal!"

"It'll be like you're Jewish and celebrating Christmas!"

Me: "I think you mean Hanukkah. Jews celebrate Hanukkah."

"Yeah, whatever. You know what I mean."

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Anonymous said...

As a fellow American in Canada, and one of those Hanukkah people, thanks for the laugh. I think I'll start calling it the hyphenated holiday. You know, American-Thanksgiving.

Lisa said...

Ok. That was really funny.

Anonymous said...


Mitzi Green said...

here's my random quote from the bob from yesterday:

"you go ahead and kill them, and i'll just run around in circles."

(he was talking about a video game, but still...think about that the next time you think your kid is the #1 badass.)

Anonymous said...

American Thanksgiving. Don't forget the turkey so you can have a good nap later.

Jaelithe said...

So wait, does this mean you get to celebrate two Thanksgivings?

Sounds like a win-win to me.

Mignon said...


MrsFortune said...

Yeah well, boxing day ... what is THAT all about? :0) As far as I know there's no turkey associated with it so it can kiss my butt.

shygirl said...


I have to tell you, I just finished reading your blog...from beginning to end, while at work, and I've been laughing and crying right along with you.

Your photographs really are veggie porn, and I love them all. Hmm, now that I think about it, you have so many talents, I should really dislike you. :)

I also frequent TWC and enjoy that site quite a bit as well. (I'm number 1134)

Oh, and I love your use of swear words! I know most people try to cut back on the F-bombs. Whatever for? I say, keep the fucking F-bombs coming!

Anonymous said...

Or it would be like you're Jehovah's witnesses and celebrating birthdays.
What? No, I don't think I understand this exchange at all :o)

JayMonster said...

I think he meant something , "Celebrating Christmas in Jerusalem"

But funny none the less.

Anonymous said...

NOT FAIR!!! I want two Thanksgivings, too!!!

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