Monday, December 03, 2007

Dear Montreal Drivers,

Living and Driving with you for the past year and a half has been a truly edifying experience.

I no longer expect blinkers to be used for example. I am also ever alert to the threat of attack by bus, the veering of a large diesel powered vehicle sharply into the left hand side of my car. Additionally, I understand that Stop signs are "suggestions" and can not be relied upon to actually stop a car coming from an opposite direction.

Let me preface this next statement by saying that I am not one of THOSE Americans. No, sir. I am not a flag waver, or a crazy "love it or leave it" kind of gal. You will note, in fact, that I left it in July of 2006. I am a relaxed and easy going person.

However, you are collectively in sore need of some American etiquette regarding Gas Stations. I have never seen such chaos at filling stations as here in Montreal. It is a Freaking free for all. Pulling in at all angles, parking and leaving your vehicle in front of - say the AIR PUMP - allowing no one else to fill their tires. Upon your very slow return, you look at me as if I have done a wrong unto you by WANTING to fill my tires.

And can we pick ONE entrance and ONE exit to the gas station? Please? Pretty Please? When the entire entrance and or exit is 15 inches (yeah, I know - I don't understand the damn metric system) it makes it difficult to both enter AND exit by the same conduit.

I know that to suggest this is sacrosanct. I know.

But you could take a lesson in how to behave in gas stations from your neighbors to the south.

I will happily acquiesce your cultural superiority in many, many things. Croissants - Maple products and combining maple into things I had no idea could be combined with maple - tasty meat pies - pates - and wine.

However, if there is one thing we know, it is how to fill up our giant, gas guzzling, Kyoto hating SUV's.


1 Baleful Regards:

Mitzi Green said...

um...i want to know which of these american gas stations of which you speak, because i've apparently been buying my gas in canada.

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