Not my Bag, Baby

Monday, May 19, 2008

While my "thing" for shoes has been well documented, I was never a purse gal.

I know purse gals...and I just never got it. I mean...A purse? The bag you carry your shit around in? What is the big deal?

For most of my adult life, I have been a very low maintenance purse female. I never thought much about what I carried or why..or how. Terrance would usually look at whatever I was lugging around and pronounce that it had to Go...and I would be presented with a new purse...which I would carry around until the next purse was presented and the old one confiscated by my spouse.

That was until I moved here to Montreal.

It was unexpected, my first sighting. I was browsing in Westmount in a cute little boutique and I saw it. Matt and Nat purses. It was orange, this first specimen, and completely impractical. I mean - an orange purse? I went back twice to the store and would hold this first purse. I couldn't bear to BUY it as I could not justify my parting with a hundred bucks for an orange purse.

Besides. I wasn't a purse girl. I am a shoe girl.

And then Terrance bought me the first one after we discovered that the orange one i had so coveted was gone. Pulled for being out of season....

It's the big one, the cognac Jorga. The smaller mustard one was an early birthday present this year...and the red one joined it's compatriots this week.

Because the demons that are Matt and Nat had a sample sale. And I went. Really, I just wanted a black one to match the other cognac "Bond Street" I got for my anniversary....

Which I found...and Then I saw this purse which so beautifully matched the computer bag I got for Christmas....

And from there it was a slippery, all vegan non-leather, slope - my friends.
The sale itself? PACKED. As in "I feel as if I am in a slaughterhouse line waiting to be zapped" packed. And Hot. As in "Hey, I now know what women in the workhouses in the 19th century must have felt like in these huge, no air circulation factory rooms right before the fire killed them and they formed the basis of a Stephan King book" hot.

But oh. The purses. The beautiful purses.

And there it was...calling my name as I walked through the door. The orange purse. Trainspotting, it is named. And it is now mine.

P.S. This is where I was.....You can see me at about 15 seconds in the film getting off the elevator.... Those women scared me outside.

12 Baleful Regards:

Anonymous said...

Welcome, Dawn.

You are now one of us.

Also... (droooooool)

SUEB0B said...

You are cool. You found something you liked, something a little off the beaten path, and you went for it.

What I can't understand is logo bags like those ugly ass Coach things that are like "Oh, you HAVE to NOTICE this is a Coach bag because I don't have enough self-esteem to carry something that doesn't shout about itself."

I swear. Coach bags are the sign of the wanna-be social climbing utterly boring middle class woman. I am writing a post about this, can you tell?

Dawn said...

I don't love those ugly purses either suebob- and I think the very same thing when I see women carrying those hideous things. Or wearing the GIANT sunglasses with the logo.

I could justify these for a couple of reasons....

I got them on sale. Like 30 bucks average cost sale. Like Normally 250 bucks but I got them for so freaking cheap sale.

The designer is a Montreal company. Yeah for my adopted Home!

and finally - These are vegan bags - no leather anywhere to be found. Plus, they attempt to be socially concious and moniter the factories where the purses are made.

I know - I sound like an old hippie trying to rationalize my sell out...but they are such Cool purses.

Its a funny game in Montreal now where Matt and Nat carriers identify each other and complement our bags.

I am still a little bag giddy.

Rebecca said...

Welcome to my world. :)

Mitzi Green said...

i would never have pegged you for a purse whore.

but that little orange number is cuuuuute.

Woman with Kids said...

Oh my, love the orange bag.. and the brown bags, and the black bags. I'm a bag and shoe girl, I like to spread the love. But that orange bag, that is lovely.

iheartchocolate said...

OMGosh, are those ALLL yoursss?? Wow, you totally need a new house to store them all in.

I bet you will never have to buy another-ever.

I can only dream, and live through you...I am more of a shoe gal myself, but I would totally take them all.

Anonymous said...

Good lord, woman. How many bags did you actually buy?

I don't blame you though. Those are some sweet handbags!

Fraulein N said...

Oh my damn! Hee, you're really making up for lost time, aren't you?

I'd probably be a shoe whore if I had the money to support my habit.

Monie said...

I am totally a purse girl so I understand your pain.

Those purses are OH SO LOVELY!

Anonymous said...

those are *all* ours? Wow, when you give it up, you give it up, purse virgin.

Those are fabulous. Nice score.

Ruth Dynamite said...

I am decidedly not a purse gal either, but I'm coveting these bags.

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