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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I have made few bones about the "type" of Mom I am. A goofy Mom. An artsy mom. A Mom willing to go to ridiculous lengths to secure the "right" playmobil for any given occasion. I'm the mom who HAS playdough and fingerpaint in her home and is perfectly fine with the mess. Want to blast your music from your room while you make up your bed? No Problemo.

Yesterday, however, found me in a role in which I honestly never envisioned myself.

Soccer Mom. More specifically, sitting on the edge of a field shouting "Good Job, Emily!"

It all started when I went away. You know - to hang with the guys in their bathroom in Borders. The phone call left me incredulous. Soccer? Are you kidding? My kid running up and down a field kicking a ball. Um, No. Besides this was something Terrance wanted her to do, which meant that she would whine and cry and after one disastrous practice the ludicrous idea would be abandoned. We don't least I don't run.

And team sports? {shudder} I don't get it. I tried in 7th and 8th grade basketball.... until I got kicked off the team for being mouthy to the coach. I think, for the record, I called her a bitch. So endth my juvenile sports career. No - I was destined for the individual achievements. Arts and Drama! Overacting, and Madrigal singing! Hey Nonny, Nonny! Places where weird, opinionated, smart ass teens such as myself gravitated in order to mock our lemming like counterparts with extended skits from Monty Python. Wink Wink, Nudge, Nudge, Say No More.

Yet there I was last night. Trying to look kind of cool with my gauchos and "Model Citizen" T-shirt and unruly hair. Holding my cup of coffee and wearing my bad ass Danish Clogs. And there was my kid. Running up and down the field - looking winded....but Happy? Does she look happy? Dear christ - is she enjoying this? Did she just shout words of encouragement to her team mates and raise her arms in the "GOAL" motion?

Terrance leaned into me just after I squealed and shouted "Get Ready Emily!".

"I know this isn't your thing", he murmured. "But you're being a really good Mom."

I glanced at him - balefully - over the top of my coffee cup. And felt my daughter grow a little further up and away from me.

7 Baleful Regards:

Anonymous said...

Sports weren't my thing either when I was little.... and what started as a sport for my daugher to "try" to see if she liked it, turned into competitive soccer team where she plays with girls older than herself (she ended up being quite talented). And she loves it. And yes, yelling parents from the sidelines is silly but you'll find it hard to resist. =]

Anonymous said...

I'm on the opposite end of the spectrum! I desperately *wanted* to take ballet lessons, or to be on a soccer team. So imagine my shock when I gave my daughter the opportunity and she *hated* both! I also forget that my kids might like foods that I hate (I didn't even think to give my first tomatoes...I found out that she loves them when my mom handed her a piece of one!). Darn kids- they're supposed to be little carbon copies of me, right? :)

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I see this in my future.

You ARE a good mom. Terrance is right.

Heather said...

I think I might be further into the soccer pool...the soccer is not the problem in soccer-mommery :) it is all of the *stuff* that other parents put onto it. If all of the running isn't your thing just stay out of that part.

I do and we are on a classic traveling is my sons thing, I go to see him, not to make it my thing.

Cindylou said...

My guy is not into sports. He is into art and music. You could be me hauling around the stand up bass for an 8 year old. Hang in there Dawn. I love that you describe the growing up and apart that I feel with my guy so much better than I can.

Fraulein N said...

Definitely a good mom. Am now more convinced than ever that it's wrong of me to hate that any possible future children of mine hate sports. As I do.

Rachel said...

Hi there. First time visitor, this hooked me. Fabulously written.
Kudos to you for supporting her, I have friends who would balk at the thought. Soccer moms can still be hot sexy individuals with gorgeous ankles and other naughty bits :-)

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