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Friday, October 28, 2011

Oh!  Hi there.

So apparently some foolhardy soul nominated me for top 25 canadian mom blogs.

Which is uber kind, considering I am not really Canadian ( but will happily accept the moniker given I do my best to blend in around here) and that I am - on the best of days - kind of a mediocre Mom.

Plus the whole "mom blog" thing makes me cringe...but really, it is very kind and I should shut up and take the compliment.

It seems you can vote for me - or not. Really, it is fine either way. (Ack! I DO sound Canadian!)

Also - Been to Whorish Ravens lately? No? Well, you should. I love my little photo space.  Well, today is a photo of my grandmother's coffin - which, were I to tell that story, would involve me getting very bizarre looks from the funeral home staff as I ran around taking photos...and even me thinking "I am not sure this is considered "appropriate" in the context of a funeral, Yet and still - fuck it. She is my grandmother and if I want to take pictures then I am taking pictures. I pooped in this woman's yard and she still Loved me, so if I want to take pictures than goddamit, I am."

Here's another great visual from my day - I slipped, in bare feet, on the wooden floor in the living room. I was carrying coffee, which I heroically saved. However, this means that the soles of my feet have become so smooth as to offer no traction on a wooden floor. OR the more likely scenerio: Terrance is using some crazy product on the floors meant to kill me and make it look like a tragic accident. If my obit declares that I was found with a broken neck on my living room floor - with a cup of coffee undisturbed next to me?  Please point the coroner to this blog post.

Finally, from the continual esoteric conversation file of Dawn and Maija:

Today we discovered that we Both adore East of Eden.  As in both of us considered naming sons ( had we had them) Caleb.  If you haven't read it, you really should. I am not sure why people got beaten with Grapes of Wrath in high school, as this would have made a much more intriguing discussion.

And now I have to work on the Monsters paper.

3 Baleful Regards:

Rebecca said...

Hey, I too love East of Eden! It's in my top three Steinbeck and he's in my top three author's list so that book is really up there for me.

Hillbilly Princess said...

I love Steinbeck, but have never made it through Grapes of Wrath. Go figure. I do love East of Eden.

In my family, it is very common and acceptable to take pictures at funerals, in fact, I've seen a lot of it here in SE Ohio. I think it's a cultural thing, so if it comes up again, and anyone looks at you weird, tell them it's your hillbilly culture, and just go with it.

Dawn said...

HP- I am proud to claim that as one of my many hillbilly traits.

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