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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

When Em got in the car yesterday, she gave me a funny look.

Now this isn't so out of the ordinary. Since I left the world of the full time employed mom last June, I have some odd outfits. About 50% of the time I am going in to McGill, so I look like professional Dawn. The other 50%? Well, some days are better than others. Yesterday I had a Yoga Top and silky lounge pants on.  Of course, I was in the car so I figured no one would see me.

I saw the look and discounted it. Hell, I still give my Mom the same look I was now getting.

About an hour later, I was doing something when Em sidled up next to me.

"Mom", she said.

This was said in the voice which usually means "I am about to hit you up for something that you will say No to, and this will prompt me to a) Argue with you b) Burst into tears or c) stomp away shouting about how unfair my life is".

I inhaled.


"Um, the headband you're wearing?"


"It fell into the toilet the other day, but I dried it off...."

I turn and look at her. "Are you telling me that I have the toilet headband on my head - that you didn't even put it into the laundry to be washed?"

She starts to smile, while also trying to suppress the smile.

"Thanks. Now I have toilet hair. How long were you going to let me wear the toilet soaked headband before you told me?"

Her smile disintegrates into giggles.

"Just put it in the laundry next time", I say - as I walk to deposit the headband into the laundry.

 Yep. This is my life. Unwittingly wearing the toilet headband.

June 16, 2007 Gimlet Eye

2 Baleful Regards:

Jessica said...

Be glad it wasn't a toothbrush. :\

Unknown said...

I couldn't help, but chuckle. What else do they not tell us?

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