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Monday, October 10, 2011

Can Someone tell me what the in the bread and butter knives happened here?

I open the silverware drawer and it's like an angry toddler poltergeist visited in the middle of the night and threw everything in there helter skelter.

Or, my daughter was tasked with putting the clean dishes away.

In that case, it is simply a moody 13 year old girl doing a pretty typical half-assed job of her "chores".

A Moody 13 year old made more moody by the fact that she now owes me $80 since she "lost" her Geography Textbook and I am having to secure her a new one.

Well, she - vociferously -contends that it was "stolen".

However, since I have yet to see roving bands of other 7th grade students stealing Geography books because their love of Geography is so great  that one book is simply not enough to satisfy their all encompassing need for more geography information.

Not to mention there are only 16 students in the Whole English-speaking-and-textbook-using 7th grade in her school.

Ergo, despite our vast gulf in opinions on how exactly the book met it's ultimate fate of not being in her possession, the fact remains that she is working off her book debt with labour.  And since eye rolling, and indignant stomping and are not yet accepted as currency in our still capitalist society - she works.

Half assed and poorly, but still.

3 Baleful Regards:

Jaelithe said...

Oh, my mom so would have made me do that over.

jwg said...

Don't know if it is still true, but the British navy used to be able to court martial you for what was called "dumb insolence". Just a suggestion.

Dawn said...

jwg - I suspect all teens in the world would be court martialed, frequently.

jaelithe - there are only so many battles I can fight in one day. I believe that particular day I was beyond my limit.

The good news is that Today (Wednesday) she found her book, At school, in some one else's desk....whom she swore she had asked last week.

At least I didn't shell out the cash yet.

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