Vegetable Wrangler

Thursday, July 28, 2011

I am in some kind of Caged Death Match with the vegetables.

When I signed up for the Community Supported Agriculture, it was March. I could be found dreaming of temperatures warm enough to grow anything, let alone vegetables.  Plus, with my established credentials as "Liberal White Lady", it made me happy to think I was supporting my local organic farmer.

Because, as we have established, Liberal white ladies loves us some Environment AND Organic Produce.

Yet, here it is - Week 5 - and I spend more time than I care to admit  looking up ways to use the vegetables. Since my cooking ability is suspect at best, I can be relied upon to diligently Research what I should be doing with the overflowing bucket of vegetables.

Forthwith, I have canned 2 jars of spicy beets for goat cheese salad in the winter when I long for a fresh beet. I have canned One jar of Garlic Scapes in a Korean style brine for who knows what I am going to do with these. I have 2 containers of  Garlic Scape Pesto in the freezer, with the addition (today) of the 2-2cup bags of Grated Zucchini for making fritters and breads/muffins.  Tomorrow, I am blanching the summer squash to freeze for winter soups.  (Psst - I am doing Lacto-fermentation canning - the no boiling kind)

The Garlic is starting to roll in now too - and I may end up pickling a jar. Although the Italian Garlic is up first and we may get through it all before I need to do something. If worse comes to worst, I can tack it up on the doors for evil spirit prevention.

In other news, I am pleased to come out as a lover of  Bob Ross. Yep, the PBS painter guy.  I always have loved him and used to have old VHS tapes of his shows. I would come home from work and pop them in and just listen to him.

I have no painting talent or aspirations, but I can be captivated by a Bob Ross Video. As in "Like a Shot of Heroin in the Brain" captivated.  As soon as I hear his voice, I glaze over into my own "happy little place".  I can feel my muscles relax as the serotonin floods my body. Every day this week, I have been seen to be sitting in front of my computer, mesmerized by Bob Ross.

Here is the Fox rug, as of last night. I have already gotten the vine outlined and am starting to fill in the blueberries and the leaves. I'm not sure of the Colors yet - Maybe a Brown?  Then I have to decide on the next rug theme. I am leaning towards more "totem" animals - Maybe  A Raven?  Which Reminds me, don't forget to visit my newest bambino - whorish ravens  because I know you are all perpetually wondering

"How can I get More Dawn?"

You're welcome.

3 Baleful Regards:

Mitzi Green said...

how i love and miss bob ross. i've been a fan since i was but a wee child flipping channels (when you had to actually get up to do so) and he could lull me into a state of tranquility like no valium ever could. i get his daily quotes on fb every morning and they always make me smile.

the fox is lovely, by the way. bob would love it. :)

Dawn said...

Mitz - if you go to icefilms (dot) info you can stream the shows.


lanfear said...

Gorgeous rug!

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