I'm the one screaming at the radio

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Driving back to Montreal on Monday, I was listening to National Public Radio and a discussion of a book on the Old West, when this tidbit was said by a caller:

I don't want to come off as all politically correct or anything, but I find myself being a little bit disturbed at how we treated the Indians in the Old West.

 At which point my head exploded.

Once I was able to collect the pieces and reconstruct my skull, I began to yell at the Radio:

"No, you wouldn't want to be all "politically correct" or anything. How bout a decent fucking human being? A little bit disturbed?  Genocide IS a little bit disturbing, isn't it? Oh my Fucking God, my American Brethren are some of the most willfully stupid and mis-educated mother fuckers on the face of this fucking planet."

And then the host asked the Author a question about the Movie "Cowboys versus Aliens", and my head exploded again.

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