Monday, July 25, 2011

It should come as no great epiphany that my mind flits and scampers through all sorts of places. A sort of polyglot consciousness that moves with no predictability.

I also take a great many photos. Some may know this from my involvement in Envisage, but often as I am taking the photos, alternate stories and obscure verbiage are being crafted around them.

Then there are the odd bits and pieces that rattle around. I don't like twitter, and they don't really fit as blog posts.  Ideas, amorphous. Shiny things I pick up, and set down, then search for later when they reappear in my head.

They all need a place, which isn't here.  This place has it's own life. It's own voice, that I love...but the other voice needs a space of it's own too. A nice chaise lounge and good light to read by until I am forced to turn on electricity.

I am changing. I have no idea into what I am changing, except that it is happening. My resistance is less than futile, it is unwise and deleterious.

So, I give to you Whorish Ravens

PS - I am re-starting Desperately Seeking as a Tumblr blog too. I could not bear to kill it, for it makes me laugh so. My picayune and perverted child.

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