F*ck You McDonalds

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

(enter reason #1785 why Dawn will never be a Brand Mom Blogger)

I can not sputter enough about Why this - McDonalds Courts Mom Blogger When Changing the Menu  pisses me off.

Is this what Women Bloggers who are mothers have become? Another avenue to be manipulated? Another voice to soothe (valid) fears for a greedy corporation?

This offends me in so many ways - as a Woman. As a Writer, As an Intellectual, as a Blogger. And as a Mother.

Fuck You McDonalds. Just Fuck You.

Addendum: As I cool down, there are so many intertwined issues here that it doesn't shock me that I reacted so strongly, so From the Gut. Indulge me as I start to pull the weave apart on this one:

1. Women as Mindless Marketers OR Consumers

2. Motherhood as Ultimate Consumption

3. Bloggers/Writers as Marketing Tools ( in both senses of the word)

4. Mothers must oversee all aspects of Child

5.When Child is less than perfect (overweight, not pretty, not socially adept, you name it) Mother is to blame

6. Women are responsible for their own victimization ( both socially and economically) or the "we wouldn't hate you if you weren't Fat" argument. Can also be couched as the "You have such a pretty face" line of thinking

7. Be grateful for tiny, inconsequential changes. Apples, over processed, filled with pesticides and high in un-needed sugar are better than Fries, Right? See! We're Responsive!

8. Poor People don't deserve good things - including food.  See last nights Colbert Report where he pointed out the ludicrousness of the Heritage Foundation report that Americans aren't really in poverty because they live in homes with Refrigerators. And Microwaves.

9. Women will believe stupid bullshit because a Corporation pays attention to them.

I'm sure there are a few more levels, but I need to go grate some zucchini.

5 Baleful Regards:

Kirsten said...

Oooo they added apples to the happy meal! Now I will feed my children McDonalds every day! Stupid, just stupid! There is a reason I haven't eaten McDonalds in over 7 years. Nothing but Crap for your body. Even McDonalds knows this...thats why they are reaching so hard to promote this crap!

Dawn said...

I agree with you Kirsten - I am not a fan of fast food, in general But my added layer of anger is this manipulation of women, by women BY a corporation.

That isn't to say it doesn't happen all the time but it offends me.

It offends me on so many levels, but particularly because it defuses the actual conversation which is that Our Food - far beyond the Fast food - is what is making us Sick. It isn't the Fast food ( or occasional french fry) but the High Fructose corn syrup, the antibiotics, and all the other bullshit that we are pouring into our bodies.

Then you get to have another screaming mob who blame Mothers for their children being Fat/Diabetic etc when the issue is far more than that.

Overlay this with the issue that from an economic standpoint, McDonalds is what Poor Families can AFFORD, more easily. It is CHEAP food.

It is just a clusterfuck of blaming that breaks out between women, overlaid with hatred of the poor, etc.

Dawn said...

Of course, I am roasting Beets and making casserole from the CSA squash...but even then, I had to pay for the food Up front. 500 bucks at the beginning of the season (which even for us was a stretch)

So in order to GET real and organic vegetables, you have to have the financial wherewithall to Buy it up front. So I can afford to not feed my kid that shit, but not every family can - and when 3 dollars buys you a filling meal NOW, versus a Ton of vegetables bought ahead of time?


Dr. Brainiac said...

Dawn, in my daughter's university Health & Nutrition class last week the professor asserted -out loud- during lecture that organic vegetables are LESS nutritious and are not as healthy as GMOs and those treated with growth stimulants/inhibitors and pesticides/herbicides. Really!? O_o

Dawn said...

So Monsanto is buying Professor Chairs now? Did he/she cite his source for this wisdom?

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