Dante's Inferno....and hair salon

Sunday, November 13, 2005

I am scattered today. We decided to take Em and her neighbor friend to see "Zathura". But first, I had to get my hair cut. I really, really needed to get my hair cut. Cause while I am not exactly a "fashion plate", I do try to gussy it all up when I head my ass out for the day. And it was harder with my hair looking like it has been. Even the products with the names of "Concrete" and "Willpower" have not been doing the trick.

I thought my appointment was at noon. Cause that is when I have made the appointment for the last year - at noon, on Sunday. So, we all get out of bed, and we get two seven year old girls out the door by 11:30 to get to the salon by noon.

Our plan is simple. Me: Have a haircut. Them, wait for me to finish and then we got to lunch first at Dante's, then across the street to the theater.

Now, the salon of which I am a patron is attached to an Italian restaurant. No kidding, I know - If I didn't go there, I would totally make fun of the idea. The husband runs the restaurant, the wife runs the salon/spa.

My appointment wasn't until 12:45. Grrrrrr. But the restaurants open! So, I do what any self respecting mother does, I go in and order lunch for mi familia. And vino for me! Whoo hooo. It's noon. I am having a glass of wine. A glass of good white Italian wine. Yummmmm.

Then at 12:45, I get up and walk over to the salon, and the owner says - "Let me get you another glass of wine before you go have your hair done!"

OK! Who am I to disagree with you, owner of the restaurant? Keep my husband occupied with guy talk, my wine glass filled and these two little girls eating pasta, then ice cream!

At 12:45, I am having my aromatherapy scalp massage, with the second glass of wine firmly in hand and thinking "FUCK YEAH! I ROCK!!"

I have a lovely buzz as we head off for the movie. I think briefly that the neighbor's child may have not seen her mother buzzy from drinking wine by 1:30 on a Saturday afternoon. Then I think, "I am the coolest Mom ev-eh!"

About an hour into the exceptionally Loud movie, I begin to regret the two glasses of wine. By the end of exceptionally loud movie, I have a thumper of a headache. Between two girls bickering about if they each got the exact same amount of popcorn and M&M's, my cool mommy vibe is blown. Must ......find.......ibuprofen.........

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like me about halfway through Saturday night, after the wedding. Woke up and realized that the 3 rum and cokes and 2 champagnes had given me a nice buzz, but the headache was gonna be a killer. Made me feel like an old lady.

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