Is suckitude a word?

Monday, February 27, 2006

Holy Shit! I had a super sucky day. Really. Hard to account for the total suckitude of today. Like, "I am trying to embrace zen outlook , but you people make me want to punch you in the face" suckitude.

BUT - Here is where is gets less shitty.

My T-shirt is up!

Kristen has graciously consented to host my shirt on her MotherDuds site.

All proceeds go to charity, and what a statement!

Kristen is also open to hosting other's shirts, if any of you have some cool designs and want to contribute. I love the idea of a cool blog t-shirt site, with lots of different choices. It appeals to the Socialist in me.

P.S. I was forbidden to go to the Car Ice Races yesterday. I am quite sad.

7 Baleful Regards:

Mama D said...

Sorry you had a crap day. Also sorry you couldn't go watch cars race on ice. Have you ever seen people race ski-doo's on water. No, not Sea-doo's SKI-doo's! That's what weird people do around here.

mamatulip said...

Sorry your day was so shit, dude.

I have to ask...why were you forbidden to watch the ice-car races?

Dawn said...

I think it was my husbands fear that I would get beat up as I took photos of people to mock on the internet. To deter me he came with me to WalMart - which he NEVER does, so he could make sure I wasn't sneaking off to watch the ice races. He is no fun.

Mom101 said...

when you said "my t-shirt is up!" I was definitely expecting you to talk about your naked boobs.

Jaelithe said...

I totally had a suckitudinous day, too, Dawn. But I always like to tell myself, it could have been worse . . .

Hope tomorrow is better for you :)

Anonymous said...

LOL at Mom101's comment!

I had a sucktitudinal day too. Hoping today will be better -- for all of us.

Julie Marsh said...

Great shirt! And Terrance may be right - I'd be scared that a car would come sliding across the ice and crash into me, and then I'd end up on one of those "World's Wildest" shows on Spike TV.

What exactly suckified your day?

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