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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I am pleased and honored to be interviewing my roommate at BlogHer - the lovely and talented Tammie, author of Soul Gardening. Tammie has always impressed with her insightful and personal writing style. I felt connected to her from the very first time I visited her blog.

If you are not familiar with Tammie's blog - visit. She might even make you a kick ass mix CD someday, if you are very, very lucky.

When did you start blogging and why?

I started blogging a little over a year ago as a way to stretch my creativity. I write corporate marketing for a living, but it's so boring and bland, I needed an outlet. It quickly became a way to meet other people and work through some emotional issues and now it's such a part of my life, I can't imagine not having it.

Why did you choose to share that piece of yourself in a photograph?

I like my smile. It's a little crooked and imperfect, like me. And it's the first thing I notice about other people.

What don’t you write about? Anything considered a no-no in your book?

I share a great deal of my personal life on my blog. I think it's important because writing online for me has been a way to work through some things. But I would never write intimately about my relationship with my husband or any disagreements I might have with him if that were ever the case. It wouldn't be fair to rally support for my side from my readers when he didn't have an opportunity to present his case.

How do you feel about meeting bloggers in real life? Are you nervous? Will you have great expectations? What do you home to take away from the BlogHer experience?

I'm naturally a shy person, but blogging has really forced me to come out of my shell. I've actually had an opportunity to meet several of my favorite online writers in person already and each experience has been extraordinary. Although I'll always be a bit nervous meeting new people I am looking forward to meeting so many of the women whose words I read every day and many more whom I haven't discovered yet. I hope to take home a new and deeper appreciation for the bloggers I already know and a whole bunch of new urls to check out on my return.
And of course I'm totally jazzed about hanging out with my roomate for three days :o)

So soon we’re going to meet each other at BlogHer. Important question. How do you party?

I'm kind of a low key partier. I would prefer a small group in which I can talk, ask questions, hear answers and get to know people than a big, loud party. But I do like to throw back a few and I'm ready to hang, even though I'll be on west coast time.

Are you and your blogging persona the same person?

I like to think that I represent myself truly through my writing. Of course meeting anyone in person is not the same as reading their words, but I hope that anyone who meets me will find that I'm basically the same in all the important ways.

If you had a super power, what would it be?

The ability to breathe underwater. It's kind of a selfish superpower because I don't think I could help mankind in any way - look at Aquaman he's really very ineffectual all things considered - but it would still be awesome to not have to deal with SCUBA gear all the time.

12 Baleful Regards:

Anonymous said...

Thanks for doing the BLogMe interview! You have such a pretty smile. It will be so great to hang with you!

LittlePea said...

I just discovered both of your blogs and love them, love them, love them! Great interview.

Feral Mom said...

OMG...TB and Dawn in the same hotel room? Is it hot in here, or is it just me?

Mignon said...

Low key partier? Is that what you call it when you meet a person for the first time and force them to drink several full cups of unidentified alcohol then sleep with them several hours later??? Okay. Works for me.

And yes, you are 100% accurately represented by your (wonderful, insightful, clever) writing. Except I still don't get the whole "shy" thing. I think you're going to have to shed that and just go with "laid-back."

Anonymous said...

I've roomed with TB, so I can vouch for her awesome ability to party/empathize/philosophize/and intellectualize. I'm jealous of you, Dawn! No...wait! I'm jealous of TB because she get's to room with Dawn! Oh...I'm so confused!

Lisa said...

(said in a whiney tone) Why can't you take me in your suitcase with yoouuuuu. I promise, I'll be good. I'll buy you lots of drinks too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dawn. You ARE still planning to bring the fixins for Mapletini's right? Just let me know which ingredient I'm in charge of. Oh yeah, and I guess there are also seminars at this shindig. I should start looking into that :o)

Mignon and Wordgirl, you guys were my first blogger roomies and thus set the standard by which all will be measured. And Mignon, you're still the only blogger I've ever slept with.

Anonymous said...

Yay. I can't wait to meet TB!

Anonymous said...

Great interview!!! Tammie and Dawn, you guys already know how much I love you, but I truly can hardly wait to meet you in person.

Anonymous said...

I love Tammie's blog. I love Tammie and her writing and how her soul comes through her words. I relate to her on so many levels.

Mocha said...

You did an interview! Yay!

It's really wonderful getting a glimpse of these women and learning so much more about them or, as in my case, being introduced to them. But of all the things that were revealed in this interview, I have to say:

Now I know whose room the party will be in!

Anonymous said...

Love you both -- Tammie and Dawn. I am getting so excited I can't stand it.

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