Reasons why I am falling with love with Montreal

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

1. Yesterday morning, as I did Yoga, I watched an elderly woman walk down the street with a loaf of French Bread and a bottle of wine in her bag.

2.I can walk to that bakery where I can get fresh bread every day. The five block walk whets my appetite for the scones and heavenly coffee. My daughter and I sit and have breakfast. Then, we walk back.

3. There are small grocery stores along the route we walk. Yesterday we picked up a pint of freshly picked strawberries, and Emily carried them home, along with the petit rolls. Later that evening, this is what I had for dinner. Roll, cream cheese and those strawberries...

4. Canada Day was the 1st. EVERYTHING closed even the Wal-Mart. These people take their holiday's seriously. They had fireworks and everything.

5. Speaking of Walmart, I wander through the aisles, FASCINATED by the products. Things I have never seen in my LIFE. Oh, and this. It's right on the shelf. HAHAHA. Suck that, New Hampshire!

I'll never be stuffy again!

6. No one has been mean to me for not speaking french. And let's be honest, their accents make everything sound alot sexier than it has a right to sound.

7. The men. Dear Lord. There are some good looking men here. Everywhere. I've been in New Hampshire where the best ones didn't wear Nascar T-shirts. Here? Oolala, indeed. With the accents?

8. Even Cough Syrup sounds better

9. I have become a fearless city driver. You should see me. I rock. Do not fuck with me.

10. You get to see this sign as you drive into Canada.

11. Canada has allowed my daughter to discover the joy of the KinderEgg. Sadly, American children will never know the joy of this treat due to the mean government restrictions on them due to the toys inside. But, yes. German Chocolate and a Toy. What could be more wonderful?

12. We seem to have been adopted by a cat that may have lived here prior to us. In spite of it's stumpy half tail, I consider it to be a karmic sign of good things to come. I am officially an expatriate. And it's nice.

18 Baleful Regards:

Anonymous said...

Montreal is beautiful, isn't it? Just as beautiful as your dinner last night. Seriously, that looks devine.

Canada Day here is the equivalent to your 4th of's a national party. ;)

Have you happened upon the homo milk yet?

Kinder Eggs are AWESOME. They keep Julia quiet for several minutes in a row.

Anonymous said...

I had to come back and say that I mean Canada Day is equivalent to the celebrations on the 4th, not the meaning of the day. I was thinking that, quite possibly, I sounded like I didn't know what the biggest national holiday in my country stood for...LOL.

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to hear you're settling in so well. And that you're having yummy bread and strawberries-- doesn't get much better than that.

Anonymous said...

Sounds lovely so far. Glad you are settling in nicely.

oshee said...

I am so glad it is going well. Just wait until the work starts tho.

Bobita said...

Oh, Gawd! That bakery, the strawberries and cream on oh-my-god-beautiful fresh bread! I am drooling with envy...but the good kind of envy...the kind that is simultaneously jealous and extremely happy for you!!!

I can't wait to hear more!

Her Bad Mother said...

Hold the phone - you don't have Kinder Surprise Kinder Eggs in the US? How have you lived OMFG?

I'm so glad that you're already loving Montreal. If you can't be here with us in TO, you might as well be in the land of hot men and flaky croissant.

Oh, and? I'm so glad that Pharmamx has welcomed you, too. Have they offered you a welcome pack of maple-flavoured Prozac? Tho' it sounds, happily, like you don't need it. Wine works fine - which reminds me, have you found the restaurants that are bring-your-own-wine yet? THAT's civilization.

Lisa said...

Yeay. SOunds like a great place. I want to visit you!

Karen Bodkin said...

Dawn - I had to call my hubby (who is leaving hockey - it's 11:30 at night here) and beg him to bring me a strawberry tart from Tim Hortons, promising sexual favours in lieu. So thanks for that picture! LOL!

Yes Canada Day everything closes - but it's cuz us Canadians are all drunk and yelling, "Canada, I love you man..." Kidding. Sorta - we make up holidays to get drunk. Not that Canada Day is made up - I'm so patriotic!

If Montreal was closer, you'd so be invited over for a BBQ! Have fun....Montreal is a great city.

Maybe I should bring a bunch of Kindereggs to BlogHer for the girls!

Anonymous said...

That 45o N sign is my favorite too! Glad you are finding all the good stuff in your new home and not feeling too culture-shocked.

And Kindereggs. Oh, yes! With the magicode to put into the computer (once you get your internet hooked up). Child nirvana.

Anonymous said...

ooo, KinderEggs - way cool, huh? Like MickeyD's toys taken to the nth degree - SOOOO much better ;-) I'd never seen them here in the States either until recently, a little store in Harvard Square has them - maybe they never told anyone there are toys inside that might choke under-3s if not supervised, so they got to buy them anyway... (and hey, I buy them for ME, not for any kid, haha!)

Glad Montreal's working out for you so far. Good thing you moved in the summer - I'm looking forward to your winter posts, girl ;-)


Andrea said...

So, yeah. You're making me wish I stowed away in your luggage. It's hot and muggy here in St. Louis. The mosquitoes are the size of kittens, and retail stores no longer understand the idea of a HOLIDAY!

Oh, and I want some cheese. MMMMM! Just the thought... okay, I'm going back to work (wiping drool from my chin).

Anonymous said...

I've been hearing about Kinder Eggs for months from JenB. Somebody better bring me some Kinder Eggs at BlogHer. (please?) Just let me know how much Colorado microbrew you want in trade.

And that bread. And those berries. I'd eat that three meals a day.

Anonymous said...

You so suck!!!! They gave my kids Kindereggs after every meal in France. French-Canadians understand French w/American accents much better than Parisian French. At least they wait until you leave to laugh at you.

n/a said...

Kindereggs are available at Russian grocery stores, for anyone in/near a town with a sizeable Russian-speaking population. They do have magical child-silencing powers. But that chocolate makes a real mess all over their fingers and, by extension, the car.

Jessica R. said...

I do so miss the KinderSurprise. The chocolate is heavenly.

Montreal sounds amazing. Thank you for sharing so many pictures of it with us!

Anonymous said...

It's so amazing the way you are adjusting to being so totally out of your comfort zone. What a great opportunity to learn and grow. It sounds awesome so far.

Anonymous said...

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