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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Today I gave my daughter a "committment" speech that I later realized could have been lifted, verbatim, from my mother circa 1981.

Hers was entitled :" Your flute and you, or why you will be playing that fucking instrument until you die since I paid for it"

Mine: "Ballet and you, or why you will go to every class, since I already pre-paid the semester, and stop trying to tell me your back hurts- you're seven for Christ's sake. And don't think it's fun for me to get us both out of the house every Saturday morning- I've made a committment too, dammit."

Warm Memories.

**Crazy D is the name that My brother and I made for our mother a long time ago. We would warn each other about the status of "crazy D" when exiting and entering rooms in the house

4 Baleful Regards:

Anonymous said...

This sounds similar to my father's speech about the importance of not quitting girl scouts, despite my dislike of selling cookies and making sit-upons.

It must happen to everyone...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the speech I got about the violin... :-)

Anonymous said...

My parents also gave me the "flute speech" (ya know, after american pie, that just sounds dirty) Anyway. The got my 2 years with that thing (5th/6th grade). Then 2 years with the *very* sexy bass clarinet (geekier than the french horn and oboe combined- and yeah, for those who didn't play an instrument, there is a cool hierarchy in band). Then 3 years alto sax.
Bet you didn't know I was classically trained....classically trained to sound like shit.

How long is a semester? 8 wks? this should be good.
Your bro & you were smart - code names for ma's mental state. heh.

Julie Marsh said...

Dude. There is no greater guilt-trip than the one my parents laid on me, after buying a HARP and a CAR in which to haul around said harp. I played that harp until it was hauled off in a moving truck (and now we are trying to figure out a way to move it here for less than the amount paid for it in the first place). I feel your pain (and Em's, and my own children's, and Nancy's, and Jen's, and...).

And it is destiny for us to repeat what our parents said to us. Variations on a Parental Theme.

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