Vlad revealed....

Saturday, July 15, 2006

You know, I forget that we all don't immediately know where my brain is going with every post.

So here is the Vlad primer for those of you new to his appearances on the blog.

Vlad will forgive your innocence..and give you links so you can meet him in his full glory....

Intro, or how Vlad came to be here

Vlads first written piece

Vlads Triumphant return

I leave Vlad in charge while I vacation

Vlad comments on what he sees going on in my life

Vlad suspects that I am trying to move without him

Now you must bow before the greatness that is Vlad the Imapler!!

8 Baleful Regards:

Cristina said...

Oh yay! Now I understand...and I am bowing low before the greatness. hee hee

Anonymous said...

I love this!

Any chance of bringing on Genghis Khan for a little toddler Q&A?

Anonymous said...

OOOOkaaaayyy! Now I feel a little more caught up on the subject of Vlad. Thanks for the primer. I feel better now.

Anonymous said...

"Vlad suspects that I am trying to move without him"

That one is my favorite.

Buffy said...


What an exellent idea.

I'll never tell said...

What would Vlad do w/ 4 year old twins. (girls)? Would be very interesting....Thanks for the heads up on Vlad.

Mommygoth said...

Ah, I'm always glad to see Vlad.

And I didn't even mean to rhyme it.

Amy said...

I had it all wrong. I figured he was your lawn gnome ala the travelocity travel gnome.

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