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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Why hello out there.

I am alive. Reasonably well. I've been walking, and reading and visiting with people I feel like I have known fo-ever. I've been having my accupunture, and quilting. Quiet things. Recharging things.

Tammie and I had a conversation during Blogher where we both expressed feeling like it was time for us to go re-join our lives. Between our collective moves, and life changes, it felt like Blogher was the end of one phase and the beginning of another.

And so it has. That isn't to say that I am not scared about this next phase, or that I am fearless by any stretch of the imagination. But it is inevitable. So I am trying hard to resist my instinctive urge to fight change or flee. That takes more energy than you would expect. So I may be ...quieter...here for a bit.

But ok. I'm Ok.
Emily comes home tomorrow night, so I expect the hurricane force to hit me like a ton of bricks. Then, of course, there is getting her ready for her new school - and me ready for MY new school...and dealing with the immigration paperwork and university paperwork...and getting a student ID....and finding the library on campus....and the right buildings...and which bus to take to and from my house....

To warm me back up, here are some random photos I have taken - and bizarre thoughts that don't seem to go anywhere, but are patently Me.

Here is my dinner with the lovely and talented Jess - Who is neither as bitter, nor emo as she would like you to believe. On the other hand, perhaps she has simply met her match in the emo bitterness that is me - so we were well suited.

Again. Jess would like you to think that she has an uncommonly huge head. But I do not agree. I found her lovely. And funny. And let us just say when to literary, sci fi geeks meet, a good time shall be had. Even when she knew I was about to say the word "regalia".

Are you as curious as to what that smell is as I am? I resisted trying to get in the car to sniff the air freshener. Then Terrance and I had a big fight about me taking this picture. He feels that someone is going to come out and try to beat me up some day. I say only if they can catch me, bitches.

I really appreciated this bowl of spinach ginger soup. It was as delicious as it looked. The whole meal was delicious.

You can never have too much of Snakes on a Plane - especially when in French.

This made me laugh. Yes, I had a glass of wine, but still. I loved this. Those damn breastfeeders. They are everywhere. Sacre Bleu!

And finally, welcome to the family...stumpy tailed, long hair grey girl cat. We have spent 200 bucks at the vets, so she is ours now (HEY, that was another fight between Dawn and Terrance!). She is actually pretty sweet natured and I have caught Terrance petting her. Sadly, I cut her tonight while trying to de-clump her fur. We were both tramatized. She has no real name yet. I am trying out French names. I called her "Gigi" today. I don't know. Nothing seems to fit yet.

Finally, my blog-versary passed last week. A whole year. Who would have thought? Love you, internet.

And here is a final bit of classic Dawn. When coming home a tiny, teeny bit drunk from your evening with Ms Fancypants...Don't accidentally put Compound W on your face instead of your little tube of super-expensive face cream stuff.

Did I think of Fraulein and Mama Tulip? You bet your sweet ass I did. My face is still peeling a little.

21 Baleful Regards:

Anonymous said...

So jealous that you and Jess got to meet in person. She is one of my favorite blog people that I have yet to actually talk to face to face. (at least now I have met the amazing Dawn.)

I have to agree that BlogHer seemed like the beginning of a new phase for me. I can't explain why that is, or what it will be. But I'm feeling that too.

Your little fuzzy friend is very sweet looking. I hope she settles in well.

And I wish you peace and happiness as you continue to transition to your new life in montreal.

Anonymous said...

Compound W. My god. I'm thinking of the scene in Amelie where the green grocer starts to brush his teeth with foot cream.

I'm trying not to be jealous that you and Jess met and drank wine and ate wonderful food and chatted endlessly.

Beautiful kitty. If not Gigi, then how about Amelie?

Anonymous said...

I loved the Flickr photos of you and Jess, and I hope I get to meet her one day too.

Compound W? Ahh, your poor face.

I suck so badly at naming cats that my current one is named...Kitty. I know, that is so pathetic and lame. Genevieve? Vivienne? I got nothing.

E. said...

I'm afraid to ask: just what is Compound W? Is that like Preparation H, only for... what?

Anonymous said...

Bwahahahahaha Dawn...welcome to the Let's Put Fucked Up Shit On Our Faces club. Good to have you.

Anonymous said...

Howsabout Gris-Gris for your stumpy-tailed friend-- she's the right color for it, and you can spin some story about how she lost her tail to a crazy old Creole witch...

Perhaps your skin will emerge looking fresh and exfoliated? Maybe Compound W is the best-kept secret for women who want to do at-home dermabrasion.

Wish I'd had dinner with Jess.

Glad you're back.

Jenny said...

Happy Anniversary! Mine passed 8/11 unnoticed by me till this week.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea at the time how right we both were about that conversation, Dawn. No idea at all. Things have a way of happening when you're not paying attention and I hate that becuause I try so damn hard to pay attention.
I'm glad you're back :o)

Anonymous said...

When you said "regalia" I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

We should all meet in Montreal and eat cheese and drink adorable little bottles of wine and just geek out to our hearts' content. Who's with me?

Anonymous said...

Delurking to say welcome back! I, too, constantly fight that urge to flee and have been fighting it since I started my Ph.D. program three years ago. It's scary, hard, scary... I ask myself why I'm doing this to myself, but then I can't imagine doing anything else. So that's that. For me, the fear never goes away, but I hope I'm getting better at moving through it. Good luck!

Andrea said...

Yay! you're back! At least the Compound W wasn't worn in public the way Terrance wore your face cream in NY. Ha!

Cute little kitty. I'm sure whatever name you come up with will be clever and perfect. Sometimes it takes a few days to get to know them first.

Anonymous said...

Once I almost brushed my teeth with Preparation H. Glad you're back!!

Mommygoth said...

Hoorah, you're back!

Fraulein N said...

Yay, you're back! Happy Blogversary!

Actually, when you mentioned Compound W, the first thing I thought of was Terrance and his mask mistake.

Hee, the Let's Put Fucked Up Shit On Our Faces club. "I'm not only the president, I'm also a client."

Good luck with school!

Anonymous said...

I would go to Montreal. Let me know. It looks so beautiful.

Also, I wonder what "freedom" smelled like.

Anonymous said...

I tried to use Nair in the shower and apparently I did not wash my hands thoroughly enough before washing my face so my face was red and raw the whole day. I knew you were a kindred spirit.

I'm glad your back. Good luck in your new adventure.

Mom101 said...

Happy blogiversary!

If it's any consolation, I was in a cab applying some lovely lemony moisturizer i had just received as a free gift...but wait, it's so...lemony. and...sticky and... hmmmm

body gel-y.

Lisa said...

Gris-Gris is a cool name. How about a name from french literature?

A big change like that will take an enormous amount of your energy but it will be worth it in the end. Can't wait to hear all about this new chapter!

Her Bad Mother said...

How about Nana, after Zola's naughty (anti)heroine?

Take care of yourself, but don't wander too far away...

Debbie said...

that veggie porn is giving me a moistie.

ahhhh. the sweet smell of blog freedom.

p.s. congratulations on your year-long tryst with les internets. may you dwell long and happily in one another's arms.

Debbie Pelberg said...

Ok, now I am hungry because of course the food pics are the only ones I really paid attention to. Ahh, one track mind.

Well, except for the French Snakes on a Plane poster. I wonder how you say "mutha%$%#ing" in french?

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