By "parents' , we specifically mean you Dawn

Friday, September 02, 2005

Yesterday ended the first week of my child at the public school. She has today and Monday off - which is fine. She has been increasingly exhausted and weepy in the evenings.

In her "Friday Folder" yesterday, I recieved this school wide notice: ( this is verbatim - I shit you not)

"We would like to remind all parents and those visitng our school of the need to check in at the office. To avoid disruptions to the classrooms and to maintain security, we ask that all parents and visitors sign in at the office. If your child needs to be dismissed or is re-entering school, those transitons must be processed through the office. Parents are not allowed to escort their children to and from the classroom. If you wish to speak to your child's teacher, you should do so by appointment"

Did you hear my name screamed at the end of the sentance? "THIS MEANS YOU DAWN"
I read this to my husband over the phone. He normally is the one who tells me I am being extreme and to calm down. He paused and said "Oh no, that is NOT good." So now I have the raging, dreadlocked black man on my side.

I have to drop her off late of the 15th of Sept. We have a dental appointment and guess what? I'll walk her to her room. I am actually looking forward to my letter to the principal, school board and any one else that listens.....

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