Labia, Labia, Labia!!!!!!

Monday, September 26, 2005

Moments ago, I said something to my daughter that I can't believe that I am forced to say. This is it , in a nutshell:

"Is there something wrong with your labia? Do you need to go clean your labia?"

OK, yes, I said the word "labia" twice in less than 30 seconds, which is funny enough - but the fact that I have to say this to my daughter is torture. I said this because I watched her grab and dig at her labial area, then ( OK, faint of heart look away!) SNIFF her fingers.

Good God! What type of heathen have I raised?

She, in an automatic response, says , "No." and snatches her fingers away from her nose.

"But I watched you grab at your labia", says I.
"Oh, yeah", she says non-commitally.
"Go clean you labia and wash your hands!", I say.
"OK." and she marches into the bathroom.

There is no sound. No water turned on, no cleaning noises, Nothing.
She walks back out and lays back down on the bed.

"Did you clean you labia and wash your hands?"
"Yeah." she murmurs.
"But I didn't hear any water turn on, or the toilet flush."
Deep sigh from my daughter and she walks back into the bathroom to pretend to wash her hands.

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