The members of Phi Delta Badass salute you ( with our middle finger)

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

One of my friends wrote to me and said "We are in a sorority - Phi Delta Badass!"

This may be, of course, the closest I ever get to being in a sorority. In life, I have been rather the antithesis of sorority - Not skinny, not perfect, not perky.

But, as I grew up, I found that the people I liked were also members of the Phi Delta Badass family. I always preferred pushy chicks for girlfriends - the ones who are honest and funny and also not perfect - with crazy families and the sense to know that when you talk about it with friends over drinks, it really does help.

My sense of honesty - my sense of needing to be authentic - is reflected in my choice of friends.

Sadly, I am still shocked when I encounter the sisters of Gamma Gamma Dumbass. Although I do having an overwhelming urge to push them over and mess up their hair and kick their size 4 asses.

So either you are with us - the sisters of Phi Delta Badass -....or agin' us.

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