There will be no niceness today

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I am in a rather crabby mood. Free floating crabbiness.

I will often tell people that I don't like most people. This statement will draw shocked gasps and nervous titters. I find that this is more true on some days than others. This is a day when I truly dislike almost every person I come across.

It started this morning. Today is Picture day at school. My husband and I have differing opinions on how our daughter's hair should be done. It is only 7:14 am when I get this remark "Well we can see by every other hairstyle You've tried in her other pictures that your decisions are incorrect"

I am forced to ask - as I sit on the edge of the bed trying to wrestle my ass into some pantyhose that doesn't have a hidden run in it somewhere - "Can we not have a fight about this at 7 in the morning?"

So, I unbraid her hair, brush it out and goop it up with Citre Shine. This is vaguely satisfactory to both of us. My daughter's hair is soft - like mine - but curly - like her father's. It does not braid like black hair. It acts like white hair - gets all fly away and funky. Her dress is ironed and we dress her - while I try to convince her not to accessorize the hell out of her outfit. She wants necklaces, earrings - you name it. None of which matches or looks at all nice with her New York dress.

By now, I am running late. There is an insane amount of traffic on my 25 mile commute. A red neck dude in a Ford truck totally cuts me off. I try to remain calm. I think about how not to yell at certain people in my work place. I walk in the building and get to my desk. I snap at the first person to come to my desk - and this is a person I LIKE!

She looks abit taken aback. I feel guilty and try to explain. There is a person who has been hired to "help" me - kind of. But this person wasn't really hired to help me and we all know this. I am sick of pretending like this new person is going to ease my vast workload. I am sick of smiling at Admin folks and pretending like they have done me some great service - when they haven't AND WE ALL KNOW IT! The phrase I used was "Don't piss on my leg and tell me it's raining".

So today, I hate people. I hate republicans. I hate men, I hate stupid people, I hate bureacrats, and I won't be nice today.

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