The sad sound of a daddy left alone

Friday, September 16, 2005

I am going out with the friends from Graduate school tonight. My husband called at about 3:30 to tell me the chinese food order for me to pick up. He had forgotten about my dinner with girlfriends tonight.

Him: "So, what time should I call the order in?"
Me: "I'm going out with the girls for dinner tonight?"
Him:"What, I don't remember that?"
Me: "Remember I told you about this awhile ago- and then a few days ago"

This is one of the games of our marriage. I remind him CONSTANTLY of when I am going to be gone. He will ALWAYS insist that I never told him a thing. I have considered becoming a notary so I can get his signature on slips of paper outlining dates and times I have informed him of something he later claims to know nothing about.

After a few minutes of prompting, he gets surly.

Him: "OK, That's fine. I can handle it"

His tone implies he is not fine and he would rather not handle a thing.

Me: "I don't think I'll be out super late - just dinner and drinks with the girls - then home"
Him : "(Surly tone) It's stupid anyway - what you guys want to do..."
Me: "I don't care. I didn't ask your opinion"

What he is now referring to is that we are going to "welcome" the new off campus students. He doesn't like this and tells me we are acting like we are in a sorority or something. I really don't care.

I'm going out and he can eat Chinese food alone with our daughter!


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