Shock and Awe

Thursday, September 29, 2005

I have had a hell of a day.

No, seriously, a hella-day.

I have now, as I type, consumed almost an entire bottle of white wine by myself. My husband had one glass and I killed the bottle. I would drink more if I had it – but it would be unseemly on a work night to drink that much and would, truth be told, make me look like a lush.

Why such a shitty day?

The most disappointing thing , I have found, about being an adult is that not everyone plays by the same rules. This is wildly disappointing to me. I am not sure why – I mean I spent my whole childhood in the company of adults who acted mostly like three year olds, so one would expect I would be accustomed to this behavior.

But I am not. I am still shocked. Shocked And appalled.

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