I learnt alot from you

Monday, September 12, 2005

This is a comment that was posted on my blog:

truman said...
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4:14 PM

SERIOUSLY! You didn't know the joys of blogging until you found my site? Well, I can sleep soundly now! And Is "learnt" a real word?

A friend emailed me at home and said she couldn't believe that I was getting junk blog mail. I guess I just find it kind of funny. What if I really believed that this person truly never knew the joy of blogging until he/she found my blog? I could become a new cult - a sort of god like figure- The cult of Dawn, the ultra crabby sarcastic mother, who knows too much for her own good and often mocks those with less intelligence. - Imagine that ceremony?

If you're going to spam my blog, at least spell check it!

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