Idle Hands are the Devils Work

Saturday, December 10, 2005

I like to be busy. I do all sorts of "projects" while I sit and watch TV. Some indescribable genetic trait, passed on by my German Catholic Farming lineage, screams "Don't just sit there - DO SOMETHING".

So I do. I cross stitch, I scrapbook for Emily, I braid wool rugs, I make these picture cards from National Geographic and foist them upon every teacher I know to infuse Authentic Cultural Diversity into the Whiteness that is our schools and child care centers.

I also quilt. Not "by the light of the kerosene lamp until my eyesight goes and I can't support my fatherless child" quilting, but quilting nonetheless.

So, I present to you, the "millennium Quilt". You may notice that we are several years past the "millennium". Yeah, I know. Sue me. The concept was this. Take 2000 different squares (ALL DIFFERENT!) and make a quilt. Do it before the Year 2000 was up.

Well. What can I say? Shit happens. I had accumulated all the 3" squares, but never the chutzpah to finish the quilt. This fall I was struck by a bolt of inspiration ( HAHA a fabric joke!) and actually put fabric to needle and got the face of the quilt done. Of course, being so close to finishing the quilt, it sat next to my bed for the past three months whispering to me. "Finish Me ~ Finish Me, Dawn, it'll feel good, I promise".

Yesterday, I gave in. I finished the quilt. I knew it was going to be gorgeous. My quilts are full of audacious color. I quilt in Purples and Oranges and Magentas. When one of my bestest girlfriends in the whole wide world lived right next door to me, we would celebrate the completion of a quilt with a cup of tea, while we admired the handiwork of the smart, modern and versatile women that we are. We did this because our husbands never quite had the correct appreciation for this labor of love.

So, I present to you all: The millennium Plus 5 years Quilt!

13 Baleful Regards:

Anonymous said...

Dawn, it is GORGEOUS! Well worth the wait. I bet you are glad to have it done, though.

I admire you greatly. I have the same German Catholic farming heritage, and need to avoid being idle, but I also have this extreme inability to finish any large project. That is amazing.

I'll have a cup of tea here in your honor to admire the quilt's completion.

Anonymous said...

that's gorgeous.

Cindylou said...

Dawn i will drink tea to honor your quilt, while I also drink to honor the completion of a hooded, pullover with sweatshirt style pocket sweater I hand knit for my brother. And no worries on the Emily scream fest, I found it comforting (my child is not the only one) and slightly humorous (how did we raise everyone else's kids?)

Bonnie said...

Go, you. That is just AWESOME! I quilted a tiny little wall-hanging to go over my bed about 15 years ago and still haven't recovered sufficiently from the trauma.

Sugarmama said...

Your quilt is so impressive! 2000 different squares? Astounding! I've made one baby quilt by hand, but others afterward by machine, which means I can't really do it in front of the t.v. It doesn't feel quite so virtuous as hand-quilting, but there's definitely the satisfaction of having made a THING, that can be USED. Nice work!

Anonymous said...

well no wonder it took you 5 extra years!

It's perfect!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! It's beautiful!

Lisa said...

I think my hubby has stayed at the Crack Ho Comfort in before in their several other locations. heehee. I forgot to add that in the comments section of your previous post.

And the quilt is fantastic. Yeay you! DId we grow up in the same area or what? I can so relate to feeling like you always had to be doing something.... But it DOES burn more calories than sitting still so maybe those German Catholic farmers are on to something?

Anonymous said...


halloweenlover said...

Maybe we're related? I also do the "must be doing something all the time" thing.

Gorgeous! Will it stay at your house? It is so lively and fun!!!!

Anonymous said...

BEAUTIFUL. I also love to quilt (hand only, am afraid of the machine). But, I never have the balls to try a full-size one. All mine have been crib quilts.

I always thought it would be a great internet business to finish people's quilts for them. You know, doing the face is fun, it's assembling the layers that can be a real b*tch.

Congratulations. It's really fantastic.

V said...

Wow! That is BEAUTIFUL! It makes me want to put down the knitting needles and pick up the needle. But I won't. I'll restrain....despite the beauty. Christmas is almost here....must knit.
It is REALLY beautiful. I'm a BIG fan of random and/or crazy quilts!

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!!!!!! I'm having a cup of tea in your honor. It looks GORGEOUS - can't wait to see it in person. Now I'm feeling super guilty about Noah's wedding quilt - they will have been married for 3 years this June...I'm laughing as I'm typing that because it just sounds so BAD. Congrats! The quilt is beautiful! XO

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