Vlad the Impaler, the little known champion of Early Childhood

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

I was home all day today with Emily.

I played 4 games of Harry Potter "Uno", read three chapters of "Half Blood Prince", played two games of speech therapy concentration, watched and applauded the show of "Dance Dance Revolution" game her Auntie gave her, drew her a bath with the new Bath Confetti that Santa brought, looked at an atlas of the night sky and pointed out the constellations that are out now, took out a National Geographic map of the world and discussed the migration of our various family lineages, heard a reading of "The Pup speaks Up" and wrestled with said child on the floor.

What I was SUPPOSED to be doing is working on my hypothesis for my doctoral program. So, at 7 p.m., I asked Terrance to take over.

Me: "Honey, leave the internet up. I want to check my email and then I need to do some writing about Vivan Paley."

Terrance: "WHAT?"

Me: "Writing. I need to work on my writing..."

Terrance: "Did you say you were writing about Vlad the Impaler?"

Me: "(laughing) NO! What does Vlad the Implaer have to do with Early Childhood education and the effects of social emotional development on later school academic achievements?"

Terrance: "That's what I was wondering."

Me: "Although I suppose that could be a REAL fun project..."

Can you imagine the "Test" scenerios?

6 Baleful Regards:

Anonymous said...

All I'm sayin is that I could have used good old Vlad to come babysit more than a couple of times lately. Is that wrong?

V said...

Nothing like a vampire to spice up a thesis!

Anonymous said...

Guys and their selective hearing again. :-)

When are you planning to be done with your doctorate? I admire you greatly for pursuing that while working and doing the mom thing. I did a master's and it was tough, but would never dream of doing a doctorate (I'm too lazy, not to mention terrified!)

Anonymous said...

Your thesis sounds really interesting, although if it were about a Romanian prince and his effect on academic acheivments, I would probably read that too.
I'm interested in the hierarchy and structure of girl's play. I studied it a bit during grad school. Any recommendations for reading material?

Lisa said...

Wow. That is so cool that you are working on your doctorate. Very cool. What a great example to set for your daughter! I am excited for you.

Anonymous said...

would have been more interesting if you did your dissertation of Ivan the Impala.

No offense.

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