Same Planet...Different Worlds

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Last night, our bedroom:

Me, sitting in my bed with new quilt, chatting merrily about all my internet friends and obsessively working on a new project.

Me: And so, then I was reading this other blog and she took pictures of the hotel room that was Advertised and the one she Got, I also like that she was discussing the bad idea that Eminem and his ex wife get back together, cause they do seem to have some relationship issues that I suggest they may want to work on before they get back together – like the killing and maiming issues….

Terrance ( headphones on, listening to his illegally downloaded music): Can you pass me the digital camera – I want to down load that picture for my mother.

Me: You weren’t even listening to me , were you?

Terrance: “Yes, I was.”

Me: “NO, you weren’t – you just interrupted me to ask me to pass you the camera – that was not listening to me.”

Terrance: “Dawn, you are talking about a bunch of people I don’t know, what do you want me to say?”

Me: “What else do you want to talk about? Emily? Emily? Emily? How about some more Emily?”

Terrance: “No, we could talk about Christmas, or your application to McGill, or lots of other things.”

Me: “Congratulations. I no longer want to talk with you at all. You win!”

Terrance: “I’m listening if you want to talk…”

Me: “Talking to you right now is the very LAST thing I want to do.”

This Morning, I am leaving for work:

Me: Give me a hug cause I love you even though you really piss me off sometimes.”

Terrance: “What are you talking about?”

Me: “Are you being facetious? “

Terrance: “No. What did I do to deserve that?”

Me: “I was really angry with you last night – when you were ignoring what I was saying…”

Terrance: “Dawn, I honestly do not know what you are talking about”

Me: “Wow. I Honestly don’t think you do. All right then, have a good day.”

12 Baleful Regards:

Sugarmama said...

ARRGH! I feel your pain, sister. I feel like this has been happening to me a lot lately, too, though I'm trying to believe it's just because my brain is a bit more idle these days as a SAHM.

Diana said...

Our households are too alike it's scary...
(Hey I've got first comment...)
anyway- I'm beginning to think Terrance and my hubby were separated at birth...

V said...

I don't even bother to call him on it usually. I just keep repeating things until he thinks I've developed Tourettes. Or if I know it's actually important, I just drop it and wait for his own memory to kick in....still waiting......

Anonymous said...

Whenever I accuse the Mister of not listening to me, he'll repeat what I was saying back to me.

Now I know that just because he was technically hearing what I was saying, it doesn't mean he was *listening*. Him repeating it back to me pisses me off more than if he'd looked at me like the clueless testosterone laden butthead he is and said 'Huh'?

Anonymous said...

Do you ever want to ask, "what is the color of the sky in your parrellel universe?"

Mike does ask about "you guys" - like when he's reading over my shoulder and he asks, "Who's this? The one in...?"

Anonymous said...

Ah well, I can't be too hard on Terrance, since I zone out on Jeff all the time. It's awful when I tune in again and realize he's stopped discussing some French philosopher and is waiting for me to respond about...something... shit.

I'm a bad wife.

Anonymous said...

It was hard to remain angry when he Clearly did not know what I was talking about. And Yes Jenn, I use the "What color is the sky in your world" all the time. It's moments like this that I just think - Wow, we are Really different people!

And I do think it has to do with the penis

halloweenlover said...

Ha ha ha! Josh does the same thing. I've caught him rolling his eyes about my "internet friends". I've decided that each time he doesn't take me seriously, I'll post a secret about him on the internet. That'll teach him.

jen said...

I go through the same thing with my husband. ESPECIALLY during football season!
I've been known to bust out and say "You've got a booger hanging out your nose!" just for spite! When he asks me to repeat what I've said when a commercial comes on, it makes for a good laugh.

Anonymous said...

J and I both zone out on one another during different times -- he's actually interested in my blog peeps (though he confuses everyone and keeps having to clarify who the heck I'm talking about). I tend to zone when he gets technical about some computer thing, or if I'm engaged in blog reading and he's trying to discuss some activity that's several days in the future. He zones when I ask him about the cats or try to have an indepth discussion of decorating/remodeling the house.

I agree, I think some of it is due to the penis.

Lisa said...

Its like our hubbies were seperated at birth. Only my hubby is a white man who has no butt. (And does the white-man overbite scarily well.)

So I don't know. Maybe they weren't seperated at birth but are related.

Isabel said...

Are you telling me that your hubby wasn't interesting in my trip to Europe and the hotel room I was stuck with in Paris?

Oh, the inhumanity!

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