I got my child hooked on "The Chronic" (what?) cles of Narina

Monday, January 16, 2006

One of my reasons for having a kid, aside from the obvious reasons to drink and take anti-depressants, was so I could expose her to my secret obsession with all things Magical. ("Magical" was just totally said - in my head- in a Doug the creepy magician way)

So, after reading her the "Magician's Nephew", for back story and then "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe", we journeyed off yesterday to see the flick. I am, if nothing else, a literay thorough Mother. We will have no child seeing books based on movies without the appropriate back story. How else is she to know why the Professor acts the way he does in Lion, with and the Wardrobe?

However, I have not parented this attention deficit child for the past 7 years to not know that you reveal NOTHING to her until you are walking in the door. Some kids get excited - Mine gets out of CONTROL. One year we kept the fact that we were in Florida and driving into Disney World a secret until we passed through the gates and she Saw the giant Mickey waving at her.

So we were in Michaels and I said:

"Hurry up and choose your stickers, cause the movie starts in 15 mintues"

Her head snapped up and she fixed me with one eye. "Are we going to the Chronicles of Narnia?"

Ah my child, she knows me well.

So, suffice it to say that Emily and I spent a lovely 2.5 hours crying together when Aslan dies, and then crying again when Tumnus gets unfrozen and Lucy catches him and hugs him, or the idea that sacrifice for a greater cause is not a sacrifice.

And the battle scene? Glorious. Rugged, but Glorious. They didn't make it too "nice", but it was no "Lord of the Rings" either.

But the best thing? Emily could quote the book TO the movie. She would fill in parts that the characters weren't saying, but had appeared in the text. I felt that, for all my motherly screw ups, I have given the kid this gift. The gift that magical things exist.

PS. I totally LOVE Tilda Swinton. I loved her in Orlando, but as the White Witch? Perfection.

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Diana said...

I used to do that when I watched a movie I had read the book to, because God knows I hated humans so I spent my time with my nose in a book.
wanted to ask you- mind if I put you in my links?

Anonymous said...

Oh Emily is awesome! I was quoting the book to the movie and surrepticiously wiping away tears. Especially when they first showed the director's vision of Narnia and it looked so much like the Narnia in my head.

mamatulip said...

I can't wait to see this movie. I used to love getting lost in Narnia when I was a kid.

Anonymous said...

The best gift I ever got was the complete Chronicles of Narnia. I was about your kiddo's age and it was so cool to not have to keep checking them out at the library.

My oldest kid now says that one of the best gifts he ever got was the complete Chronicles of Narnia.

I'm glad your baby girl is so into Narnia. The books as well as the movie. I've never seen a movie that was better than the book. Unless of course it was a screenplay first and then they made it into a book. Those suck.

Anonymous said...

Aslan dies????? No!

Thanks for spoiling me for this movie, Dawn.

Next someone's going to spoil me for the ending of King Kong. Then I'll be PISSED.

Anonymous said...

Also, did you read Pullman's The Golden Compass and its two sequels? Lovely magical stuff.

Anonymous said...

*Sigh* -- I so want to see this. I don't remember much about the book, though. Can I bring Emily with me to help fill in the missing pieces?

Lisa said...

I remember reading that book a million years ago but don't remember a single thing, except that our teacher was bonkers over the book and the teacher HATED me. So its probably why I cringe when I even see the title to that book. :-)

Sounds like a great girls day out though.

Table4Five said...

I own the books but I never got past the first one. I couldn't get through "The Golden Compass" either. But I love Harry Potter, so go figure. I'll have to wait to see Narnia on DVD.

P.S. That is a HILARIOUS title for the post. Did you have cupcakes after the movie?

Sugarmama said...

I loved these books so much that one of the things I bought to take with me to college was a boxed set of them for my very own. I still have them and have since read them countless times. Next I'll turn my own daughter onto them...

Anonymous said...

Ah, Tilda looks like she just stepped out of a painting by Cranach the Elder-- Glorious!

Every time I see the poster of her in that white gown, I'm transfixed.

My favorite living costume designer for film (Sandy Powell) did the clothes for "Orlando." The rest of the movie was also good.

(Also, I'm very happy for you that you have been able to make your daughter's world a magical place.)

Cindylou said...

I agree with Jess, The Golden Compass trilogy was so cool. Dawn you will love it!

V said...

Dang I wish I could convince Little A to see it. I read her the whole set when she was too little to protest. I think she thinks it's "scary" now. I'm gonna HAVE to win her over.

Fraulein N said...

I think it's cool that you won't let her see the movie without reading a book.

And love the title of this post. You should've had Mr. Pibb and red vines at the theater.

Dawn said...

You think I DON'T have the Golden Compass trilogy? Any series that ends with a vague explanation of string theory is a classic in my opinion. I also have the Eragorn and Eldest in wait, as well as the Cornelia Funke books ( all in hardcover). But the day I get to start to read the Hobbit Out loud? Mmmmm Nirvana!

And Roo. I would marry Tilda if I could. Really. She is that fierce in the movie.

And while no cupcakes were available for "mackin", I did have a large bag of Raisinets that we devoured.

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