Lazy Sunday, Emily Style

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Sunday Morning:

Em: “Mama, can you get up and make me some eggs”
Me: Yep, just let me wake up”
Em: “Ok…Are you awake now?”
Me: “Emily – You have to give me a minute. Your mother doesn’t move so fast”
Em: “Ok Mama. Are you getting up now?”
Me: “Do you see me moving? Do you see me getting up?”
Em: “Yeah. Are you going to make me eggs?”
Me: “Emily, for the love of all that is holy. I am getting up. I am going to make you eggs.”
Em: “Why are you going to the bathroom? I thought you were going to make me eggs”
Me: “I can not cook with a full bladder. Let me go to the bathroom”

She stands outside the door and waits for me to emerge.

Em: “Are you gonna make the eggs now?”
Me: “Yes. What kind of eggs do you want – 2 eggs scrambled?”
Em: “No.”
Me: “What? You got me up to make you eggs. What kind of eggs do you want”
Em: “What kind do I usually have?”
Me: “Scrambled.”
Em: “Ok, Then two eggs scrambled”

I cook eggs well. It is one of my failsafe dishes. I make them light and fluffy and present them to her on a plate with peaches on the side.

Em: “Mama, I’ve been thinking. I don’t want eggs.”
Me: “You got me up and hounded me to make you eggs. Now you say you don’t want the eggs. What on earth could you want?”
Em: “I’d like two glazed doughnuts- cause don’t you want to go to Dunkin Donuts and get yourself some coffee?”
Me: “I’d highly suggest that you eat those eggs, cause there is NO chance that you are getting anything resembling a glazed donut. But might I commend you on the effort to get me to drive out to get you some. Well played, chief.”
Em: “Ok Mama. These eggs look good But if you go out for coffee, can you get me two glazed donuts?”

Part II:

Me: “Emily, we all need to cooperate today and clean up our rooms. Can you please take care of your room?”
Em: “OK – but what are you going to do?”
Me: “The laundry and then cleaning the living room..”
Em: “Ok.” She disappears into her room. She emerges 3 minutes later.
Em: “I’ve been thinking Mama. It makes more sense for me to clean my room AFTER I play – cause I will just get it messy again. Sop I think I should Play FIRST and then clean. That’s a good plan, right Mama? Right? Cause I’ll just get it messy again if I clean it first”
Me: “Go sell that story to your father, Cause I am totally not buying that”

Why am I afraid when a seven year old can out-logic me twice by 9:30 in the morning?

14 Baleful Regards:

Anonymous said...

Oh, that sounds familiar. I think our girls must be communicating on the sly.

Are you sure Em's not hitting the coffee? She has that clear logic that I usually only get after a cup or two.

Anonymous said...

Hmm? A lawyer maybe? Corporate arbitrage? UN delegate? I see some negotiating in this girl's future.

V said...

Yeah....I think there must be some major logical development around 7. Mine's been coming up with some serious reasoning. Love the coffee one....good girl!

Lisa said...

The "get up I'm hungry, I want eggs" and five minutes later, "Hey, I really don't want these eggs" happened to me yesterday. I did pretty much what you did. I said, "Eat. The. Eggs. Now!"

He (and the dog) ate the eggs. I can so relate.

Orange said...

The girl is brilliant.

Did you ever notice what happens if you move the D in Dunkin to the end of the word? Unkind Donuts.

sweatpantsmom said...

My girls always get me with the coffee trick, because like a junkie waiting for their next fix, they know I can't resist. So, it's "We sure would like some SCONES! So let's go to Starbucks and get some, and you can get yourself some coffee while you're at it. SHALL WE?"

And the sad thing is, I fall for it everytime.

halloweenlover said...

how is she so smart? At 6, no less?

I can't wait to hear what she does when she is a teenager.

Anonymous said...

"cause don't you want coffee?"
"but if you do go out and get coffee, would you mind grabbing me a couple of glazed?" I tihnk the apprpriate response would have been "do you want to live, child?" but then, kids tend to repeat things so, maybe not.

yeah, I think you should've linked the "can I have some dessert" conversation in this. She is relentless. you gotta "amdire" her stamina in the one on ones.

mamatulip said...

LMAO! This is also my daughter. Incessantly asking me for jube-jubes the second my eyes open in the morning. I swear the kid hears them open from her room with her Superhero Hearing.

Anonymous said...

She's wily!

Anonymous said...

Very tricky that one.

Mama D said...

Perhaps she'll be a lawyer when she grows up.

Diana said...

yes a definite lawyer that girl, perhaps a defense lawyer because they always seem to need the argument more.
I used to use the "play first clean later" trick on my mom. it worked for about five minutes.

Julie Marsh said...

Ditto Nancy. Now I know where my little lawyer-in-training is getting her material.

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