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Thursday, March 30, 2006

So.You've had my husbands mojitos, you've looked in my bathroom cabinets. What could be left, you think?

My holy of holies. My shrine to pack rattiness. My inner most sanctum. The prime reason I will most likely be divorced by my husband. Yes. My side of the bedroom.
Cause if you really want to know me, my internet friends, my side of the bed offers a wholly encapsulated picture of WHO I AM!!!

Exhibit One:

Pillows. There are five pillows there. 2 Feather, 1 ultra loft and 2 comfy pillows. I also have hidden from view - a body pillow. I used to have 2 body pillows, but Emily left the other one in the hotel room in New York. I love pillows. I must be surrounded by comforting pillowy softness at all time. Please also note - these are not decorative pillows. These are working, drool absorbing pillows. Terrance HATES these pillows.

Exhibit Two: My side of the room

Yeah. I see you peering in vague consternation and disbelief. What IS all that shit? Why is there so much of it? IS that a tower of books? And again, why is there SO MUCH SHIT?

Well, Idle hands are the Devils work, friends. I like to be busy. I also like to be in bed, in my jammies, busy. I am also a teacher, at heart, so I always have some odd project going on that requires lots and lots of things. The thing on the polka dot box? My on going National Geographic picture project. I am compelled to save all the pictures from my National Geographics so that I can rubber cement them on cardstock, then cover them with contact paper, so that my daughters teachers can use them as real world photos in the classroom curriculum. I have almost never seen any of the laminated photos used by those teachers, but I feel better.
The stuff in the tall clear containers? My scrapbooking paper. The stickers, scissors, pens and other accessories are in smaller containers( 6 in total) in the chests. I last worked on Emily's scrapbook in 2003. Why do you ask? Are you suggesting I do something else with those containers? Do you realize that the creative urge may strike me at any minute necessitating the use of all of these materials? Are you rolling you eyes at me?

Exhibit Three: Right next to my bed

Ummmm. Yeah. More National Geographics. More contact paper. A whole bunch more national geographic photos in the swiped from my kid Tinkerbell bag. My trash can which has been with me since my freshman year in college. And that tower? That's my cross stitch materials. I have a project there on top that I have been working on - off and on - for about a year. Ok, so I bought the pattern before I was pregnant with Emily and yeah, it WAS intended for her nursery, but someday my grandkids will LOVE it damn it. It will be an Heirloom.

Exhibit Four: Books,Books,Books

Product Whore? Yes. Book Hussy? Absolutely. My first job was as a page in the Rutland Free Library. (I put the books back onto the shelves after the troglodyte hordes would mess them up) I can not recall the last time I left a bookstore without buying something. This is my mostly "still to be read" stack. Fiction, Non-fiction, Fantasy, Childrens, Historical Fiction...I am not picky. There are more in the chests. I hide them from Terrance.

Are you getting the idea that I am a bit....Obsessive about certain things? Well. If you have any doubt I now leave you with this image. You remember those stacked up containers near my garbage? You know how I said that I had my cross stitch materials in there? This is what they look like - opened up.

Yes. Every color of floss - neatly wrapped on their bobbin cards, with the number written on the side.

Dear Lord. Stop me before I craft again.

*Big ups to the Beastie Boys.

27 Baleful Regards:

Anonymous said...

I think I love you. The books, the National Geographic pictures -- it's like coming home.

Are those pillows all actually yours? Is there room for you too? ;-)

Anonymous said...

And I love the way the books are all stacked up in size order. Other than that neat touch it could be my dresser.

Anonymous said...

A whole new dimension of you. I like you even more now.

PS- I love your quilt.

Mom101 said...

I can only assure you we have equal amounts of shit on our sides of the bed, not to mention the various piles (bills, books, magazines, anything that belongs in a drawer but never gets put back) all over the house. I vow to clean them all up when I get back to NY in mid-april. Really. I swear.

Anonymous said...

I can't really say anything since my side of the bed is never made and my side of the room is strewn with clothes. My teenager's room is neater, simply because I'm a hypocrite and make her keep it picked up.

At least all your crap is organized. That's half the battle!

Jaelithe said...

Your bedroom looks suspiciously like my bedroom . . . only I don't know how to cross-stitch, but I do have a very neatly organized sewing basket . . .

My books are on shelves, though. That's right, I have bookcases in my bedroom. Why? Well, after I put two bookcases in the living room and two in the dining room and one in the baby's room, well, I still kinda needed two more bookcases . . .

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh...this is all too familiar. Soon there won't be any room left for the rest of my poor family - they'll have all left me, pushed out by my stacks of paper and mountains of crafting supplies.

(What is it with women and crafting? I've yet to meet a man that says, "Soon I'll be able to get to those scrapbooks. And those beaded keychains...")

Table4Five said...

I love this! Beautiful quilt by the way. My husband and I each have one carefully selected firm pillow, one smooshy feather-type pillow, plus I have the body pillow. When we went up North last week we took all four pillows plus two for the boys. So I understand the pillow thing.

At least you have a dresser next to your side of the bed. I have to carefully stack the books next to the bed where I won't step on them in the morning.

If the bedroom was a teeny bit larger, I would totally have a bookcase in there.

Anonymous said...

oogahly moogahly. yeha, um "you down w/ OCD? (yeah you know me!)

Sdly, I no longer have "a side" as I have been pushed to the wall (along side a bulit in book case, so not all lost).

I think you have all those National Geographics so you can see boobies and butts. Don't lie.

Anonymous said...

I type pretty one day.

mamatulip said...

She's crafty...and she's just my style.

I love pillows too. Throw pillows, body pillows, bed pillows...love 'em. I sleep with about six.

I last worked on Julia's scrapbook in '03, too. I never even bothered starting one for Oliver.

Julie Marsh said...

Can I come clean up? Just call me Monica Geller.

Seriously, this is why I refuse to enter the cult of scrapbooking, and why I refuse to re-enter the cult of cross-stitch. I now have an entire house that could become overrun with crafty shit, and I don't want to be one of those people featured on Clean Sweep.

But pillows - now those I can appreciate. Unfortunately, Kyle and I both appreciate them, so we often engage in pillow wars and take pillow hostages.

Marcie said...

Looks like you have a creative mind. I also love the quilt on your bed!

Anonymous said...

MotherGoose's comment, "...and I don't want to be one of those people featured on Clean Sweep," made me choke on my coffee.

I'm with ya, sister.

Diana said...

Pillows. Oh my dear pillows. I have to sleep with AT LEAST four. Last night when I went to bed my hubby was using one to prop his head to watch t.v. He saw the look on my face and put it back without a word. (He doesn't like to sleep with pillows)

MrsFortune said...

Oh my... oh my ... please don't take this the wrong way but reading/viewing this post made me feel a whole lot better about my chaos!!! Mothergoosemouse - you are WELCOME at my house at any time. Seriously, show up at 3AM, I'll make you pancakes.

Anonymous said...

Blogger keeps eating my comments.

What I tried to say:

You're right on time!

And it's a good thing you're moving in a few months because it'll give you a chance to reorganize all your um... belongings. It will take at least a year for things to get out of place once you move, right? And perhaps the neti-pot will get lost or broken.

Bobita said...

I soooo get your book obsession! I NEVER leave a bookstore with less than 3 books! But, I don't suspect I will ever catch up on reading all of the ones that I own...I barely have time to shower with my hooligans running about! So, I also have a stack beside my bed...and the stack is sportin' a pretty thick layer of dust!

Woman with Kids said...

I'm the same way with books, I have stacks of them. And piles. And loads, bundles, and even a couple hidden. Just in case. I have some stashed in the car (I hate waiting in drive-throughs) and usually one in my purse too.

Mignon said...

I see no issue here, except for maybe a lack of space. You obviously just need an office in which to, uh, sprawl.

I mean, really, it's all pretty organized, considering the volume of, um, items.

And body pillows were made by the guys that like to dismount, roll over and go to sleep. Thanks guys!

IzzyMom said...

I love all these little peeks into your life! (and Beastie Boys reference)

E. said...

Okay, we've got to see some contrast pics of Terrence's side of the bed now. (I suppose you'd need consent, though.)

"She's Crafty" is I think the best song on License to Ill.

Trabinski said...

Hey what's the book on the kleenex box? THAAAT'S the one you're actually readin huh?

Always up for another good book recommendation!

What a fun post!

Anonymous said...

I am a pathological purger, so these pictures make me twitch a little.


That floss box? That makes me want to marry you. Like, NOW.

Andrea said...

A kindred spirit! My nightstand next to my dresser was once home to not one but three stacks of books similar to yours (sorted in size order for maximum stability). My nightstand has three drawers. What's in 'em? Books. Between my nightstand and bed, what's there? My bag of cross stitch floss, and one project. Between the nightstand and wall on the other side? Two more cross stitch projects. What's under my bed? Cross stitch supplies and two bags filled with future projects I'll get to. Soon. All 20 of them. Of the FOUR projects I'm working on now, two of them are for friends' newborn babies, who will both turn two years old this summer. Yeah, I got those done quick, huh?

I've even invaded hubby's side of the room with a set of book shelves, all of them bowing under the weight of books and books and more books. However, he's obsessive about a neat room, so he hinted to his family who had mercy and got us another book shelf for Christmas, which currently resides in our guest room. If he didn't divorce me for the stacks of books and cross stitch projects everywhere, then I can't divorce him for leaving all his crap on top of the laundry baskets so that I have to move a mountain whenever I would like to put away dirty clothes. Besides, his neat compulsion actually helps me keep from becoming a total slob with my books and sewing, so I can put up with a little nagging now and then.

halloweenlover said...

Seriously, how did you get into my house? Who gave you permission to post pictures of my bedroom?

Unknown said...

I love it! And where did you get those floss storage cases...?!

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