Blinded by the Light

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Holy Shit. I see blue sky. My eyes, My Eyes! The Pain, The Pain!

Some random thoughts to share today:

I like the show "Supernatural" on the WB far too much.

I was pondering that I probably drink too much coffee last night at 12:30 a.m. as I lay wide awake in my bed.

I do easy New York Times crossword puzzle books so I can feel superior. Just ask me about the "URAL" mountain range.

Today I resisted the urge to scream "I hate every bit of clothing in this Closet" and call into work because of limited wardrobe choices.

People now probably think I'm a wicked bitch for telling my mother to hurry up and die, but you JUST don't know. Of course, throwing the American Doll shoe at my kid doesn't help my image either. Don't worry, my mom will get me back, in triplicate, I assure you.

I laugh at inappropriate things. Frequently. In public.

Does it hurt my daughters self image when I say things like "You smell like butt - did you wipe enough?" or "Nobody likes a nose picker" - or am I just preventing other painful social issues later on?

I like foreign films - especially Chinese films. I also like sub titles and not dubbing. I used to attend film festivals, but that was before child.

I can "drop it like it's hot" when the occasion calls for it.

9 Baleful Regards:

Anonymous said...

For easy crosswords? InTouch and People mags. Fab and make you feel super smart :)

Anonymous said...


Yeah, I like crosswords that go something like, "shakespearean quote 'To be or --- to be?'"
plus bonus smartyness cuz it's Bill S.

I have wanted to call in due to "nothing to wear" too. I think IT IS A LEGIT EXCUSE.

I think you should send your mom a Mix tape. Song #1, The Cranberries "Linger", To wit:
Do you have to, do you have to
Do you have to let it linger?

Maybe she will take the hint? (I keed, I keed)

"stop paying with your doodle." heh. I want to start saying that just cuz.

Anonymous said...

I like to laugh at inappropriate things in public with you.

Nobody likes a nosepicker - I'll have to remember to use that one on Jack when the time comes - lord knows with his father the topic will come up.

Feel free to come over if the septic stentch gets too bad. Hi to Em -

Julie Marsh said...

I usually just say "please take your finger out of your nose" or "please stop touching yourself" (like Beth, we have specified that such activities are limited to bedroom and bathroom).

Maybe next time you should add some Irish to your coffee - that ought to solve the insomnia.

Anonymous said...

I agree, not having something to wear should absolutely be a legitimate excuse for calling in to work. I would never work under the circumstances, though.

"You smell like butt!" I love it!

Anonymous said...

If I have said it once, I have said it a million times...touching your labia is a private time activity. If you want to touch your labia, go into your bedroom and not out here on the couch.


Anonymous said...

A woman at my last job would have benefitted from a mother telling her, "Nobody likes a nose picker." Ick.

Anonymous said...

And per your advice, I'm heading into the bedroom now...

Anonymous said...

I've been watching Supernatural, too. It's like the Xfiles with two really hot boys. Minus the subtle writing. And the compelling characters and UST between Scully and Mulder. But did I mention the hot boys?

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