On the occasion of my ninth wedding anniversary

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Today is my ninth wedding anniversary. I have been married for almost a decade. Here are some things I have learned:

1. Check the pockets before you throw the pants in the wash. It can save you a lot of pain, suffering and elaborate cover up schemes.

2. Encourage him to go out with the boys. He comes home sooner and much more relaxed and appreciative for the wife he has.

3. Sometimes I just have to shut up.

4. No matter how clever I think I am, he knows when I have been buying more shoes. He kindly allows me to think that I am pulling one over on him.

5. I am rarely criticized for spending money on the child.

6. The aforementioned sex observation. It can really pay it forward, so to speak.

7. Men don’t consider that you need enough full sets of silverware for every guest when having a dinner get together. That, and the location of all serving dishes, is purely my function. Towels and napkins too – all me. Oh, and Christmas Cards? Woman to Woman.

8. We don’t have to enjoy the same music. I can do without the dancehall and reggae and he can do without the alternative folk and bluegrass, but they can live together on the music shelves.

9. His complaints of being sick and/or tired are cries for attention. I don't have to heed them, just know what they are.

10. You can love someone after 15 years of togetherness, 9 years of marriage and one bad ass child more than the day you married them.

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