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Friday, October 28, 2005

Last night at dinner, my husband took my hand and said:

“ I hate when you leave your hair all over the sink”

I was a little drunk, so I was less defensive and said:

“Are you sure it’s my hair?”

Now, I am the only white person in the house. It is fairly obvious to whom the hair belongs.

“Ok”, I say, but it is hard to remember hair in the sink when you are just trying to get out and go in the morning”

“I’ll remind you”, he says.

So this morning, I walk into the bathroom to do my hair and there it sits. A brand new sticky pet hair picker upper.

I’ll play along, methinks. So when I was done with the stylin, and the sprayin, and the fixin, I take the sticky thing and I run it around the sink – then I put it back next to the hair products.

Terrance walks in and sees it sitting there.

“You plan on throwing away the strip with all the hair on it?”
“Yeah, I was getting to it – I’m not quite done” (Very defensive tone I take)
“No you weren’t – I don’t even know why you lie to me”

So I rip off the strip and walk into my room to dress. I yell out:
“You know, I WAS lying, I was going to leave it there covered in hair – I don’t know why I pretended to get upset when you said that.”

From the kitchen he responds, laughing:“I know!”

8 Baleful Regards:

Anonymous said...

Ah, young love.

I am not the shedder in my house, I am the one that all "ha veyou SEEN THE VENT BEHIND YOUR PILLOW??? WHAT ON EARTH??"
He's 100% portugese and nothing against "the Geezas "but DAMN they are a hairy lot. seriously, the phrase "dude, are you wearing a sweater?" mean anything to you? cuz that's my world. tell ya, good thing he's good in the sack.

I'd tell him, "you know where you can "stick" that lint roller, friend."

Anonymous said...

See, now J would have told me about the hair, and I would have been all like: "But look! You never pick up your socks from the side of the bed where you leave them every night!" and he would have been all like: "But you never remember to keep track of the cash you spend!"... you see where this is going. Least you guys kept it semi-civilized. :-)

Anonymous said...

Ah, yes.. I know this conversation.

I have dark brown hair that's over a foot long, and Jeff's is very short and almost blond, so when he says I'm the one clogging the shower drain, it's a little ridiculous to deny it.

But I do.

Table4Five said...

I'm jealous of people who have the time and energy to actually style their hair!

And Terrance is a riot!

Julie Marsh said...

The refills for those little sticky hair picker-uppers are damn expensive - I wouldn't throw the top sheet away until it is fully saturated (but put it away somewhere so that the hair is not on display...).

Growing up, my mother would take baths in the bathroom that my brother and I shared. I shedded and didn't always remember to remove the remains from the bathtub drain, so my mother would remove them and smear them on the mirror over my sink. Nice, huh?

Mrs. Ca said...

Dono't you hate it when the husband is right? I also have this thing where my husband asks if I worked out and I'll lie and say yes (because I have no motivation lately to go work out) and then I'll have to fess up because I feel bad about the lying which makes me mad. So basically I do the same thing - get mad at my husband because I fibbed. So bad.

V said...

Mine says he's always finding my hair in the shower....but not *in* the shower. Apprently my hair migrates to all places on his body....and it's favorites or armpits and crotch. Yes, he shall be known forever as black man with hair blonde pits.

V said...

And....he has no right to accuse you of things you actually do!

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