New American Girl Doll this Year: "Dorothy, the biracial lesbian single parent who works for Planned Parenthood"

Monday, October 31, 2005

I stand corrected. Thanks to marshatm for sending me a link to this article.

I am now proud to have lent my daughter to a liberal, abortion pushing, lesbian loving organization. If the Catholic church wants to protest it, than I need to buy more dolls.

I will march into their doors in New York City this November the 23rd for our "American Girl" dinner with my head held erect. I will hand over my liberal credit card, and spend...liberally.

5 Baleful Regards:

Julie Marsh said...

Interesting article! I have remained neutral in the face of the American Girl onslaught wrought by my mother-in-law, but this just might swing me over to the "pro" side.

Table4Five said...

Right on, sister! Those dolls and all their little accessories are freakin' expensive but now I definitely think Kaitlyn will need one.

We certainly wouldn't want the kids at that school to have a new playground and refurbished library built with money that came from Satan, now would we? ( you know that's sarcasm, right?)

Anonymous said...

But Satan's Money buys the BEST stuff.

Lisa said...

Not to get all 90's on you but YOU GO GIRL!

Anonymous said...

You all need extensive counciling.

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