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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The is the "[insert your name here] needs" google game.

Here is apparently what I need:

1. Dawn needs a reality check
well, no shit.

2. Dawn needs a tripod
I would argue that I am not using the one I have quite enough to upgrade.

3. Dawn needs a process for expenditures; invoices and receipt system
my husband agrees implicitly

4. Dawn needs concept artists
there could be worse things, I suppose

5. Dawn needs to develop more speed endurance
this is definately worse

6. Dawn needs you. She loves you
Have you met me? Seriously?

7. Dawn needs to get out of the house
I'd like to see you try and make me

8. Dawn Needs to Firm Up Her Group’s Flextime Options
What the hell, I'm game.

9. Dawn needs to know where she came from; she needs real answers.
Why start now?

10. Dawn needs cash support
NOW, we're talking!

11. Dawn needs quiet.
Cash support and quiet? I'm yours!

12. Dawn needs a singer in the hard rock/ heavy metal styles
No, really - the cash support and quiet are enough for me.

13. Dawn Needs Includes "Avatar" Gear.
Sadly I know what this is. Thank you Nickelodeon.

14. Dawn needs substance like Stevie Wonder needs a piano
Depends on the substance.

15. Dawn's needs for a robust and flexible system for coding and classifying thousands of drugs
Can I drink them?

16. Dawn needs to get over herself.
Again, no shit.

17. Dawn needs tummy tuck.
If you're buyin', I won't say no.

18. Dawn needs little prodding to commit crimes against society and good fashion sense.
Very little prodding, so it seems

19. Dawn needs a sweetness and light coach
Who's the sorry mother fucker who wants this job?

20. Dawn's needs can be met in her local community at a special needs centre in mainstream education
You ain't the first to say, I can't imagine you'll be the last

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