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Friday, April 28, 2006

Greetings all. Today is the last day of my vacation in the Unholy Mecca.

At last count, it takes this much alcohol to get 4 adults through 7 days in Disney with three children ages 7 (girl), 7(girl - best friend) and 4.5 (younger brother of best friend):

14 Mojitos (large)
16 Margaritas (various flavors)
1 Rum runner
1 Cuban Hurricane
20 Newcastle Brown Ale's
2 Jack Daniels on the rocks
1 Heiniken
2 Beer samplers from a brew pub here

I may have missed a few, but as you can see we may have lost count on a few of the drinks...and we plan on having some more tonight before packing.

To tempt you for the upcoming "unfortunate fashion choices of Disney", I will give you a sample of Emily and I posing with our appropriate footwear. I actually waited for these Merrill sandals to come out in the store after seeing them in the catalog -and Emily is in her sensible Kids Teva's. These Merrill's hid in the trunk of my car until the night before we flew down, so I could make it seem as if I had always had them.

Ladies, remember to teach your child that they shouldn't point and yell "Hey Mama - there are some for you to take pictures of!" as she walks about in the theme parks. Discretion in our snarkiness - Please! And if that doesn't work, run and hide behind the black guy you're with.

12 Baleful Regards:

Anonymous said...

Nice pedi!

I think you four were rather restrained considering the prevailing conditions (Disney's enough to make a Mormon drink).

I love that Emily is mullet-hunting for you already. Now that's a prodigy.

Anonymous said...

I'm ready to buy you drinks at BlogHer, woman. Bring your hollow leg!!

Sugarmama said...

Hollow leg--ha!

But really, 47 drinks for 4 adults over 7 days doesn't seem that bad to me. Crap, does that make me a lush...?

Imez said...

Really. And where might I find one of these black guys?

From now on you are named little Lushy MuLushPants.


Andrea said...

Such pretty feet!

Anonymous said...

Hee. Alcohol consumption = amateurs.

Also, I'm with Madge (as usual). Impressed with Emily's early skill in the detection of fashion crimes.

Anonymous said...

A true amateur here. Half a glass of wine makes me sleepy. Cheap Date is an enderament around here, not just a description.

oshee said...

You are training your little girl well. Reminds me tho of my 6 yr-old little girl running around the Renaissance Festival that comes here every winter asking the pretty princess ladies with their boobs falling out if she could have her picture taken with them.
I'll have to post that montage sometime.

Lisa said...

Your pedi looks nice. LOVE that polish color.

Can't WAIT to see the photos.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

cannot wait to see the crimes of fashion anthology. And it is encouraging to hear parents are rearing their children but proper.

I, too, have taken to documenting these crimes - which by no means are victimeless.

I give you MY BOSS (to which he added "this is gonna end up on teh internet isn't it" (& he does NOT know about my blog.)


Julie Marsh said...

I can hardly wait to see the fashion crimes, especially in comparison to the stylishness of you and Em.

I see absolutely nothing wrong with those drink quantities. Except perhaps that you didn't drink ENOUGH.

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