Wallow no more

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Well. I think it is just about over. I have said the things I needed to say. I have cried the tears that were long overdue. I have asked for and recieved the truth of the situation. I have clarified and clarified again.

Having someone tell you there are "no strings attached" is an untruth. You all know it and so do I. Hell, I've even used this particular untruth to get me in the proverbial door for my own less than honorable intentions. There are always strings. The problem comes when the strings that you forgot were there re-appear. You find yourself twisted and contorted, trying to make sense of where all of this came from and what to do now.

The strings start tugging on things you had forgotten about and suddenly you are at a place and time you thought was gone forever.

But that is over. I had drinks with a friend tonight and she listened and made me laugh.

3 Baleful Regards:

Anonymous said...

Love ya, Dawn. Glad you had someone to make you laugh.

Cindylou said...

I am glad you are making it to the other side.

Anonymous said...

Good for you :)

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