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Saturday, May 20, 2006

I don't watch alot of television. I don't care for reality television. Anything that starts at 10 p.m. and requires emotional involvement is out.

But Fancypants recently highlighted her television boyfriends and that got me to a-wonderin'.

Who are my television men?

First up, Wentworth Miller:

I would help this guy break out of just about anything, let alone prison. Where has this dishiness been all my life? Now, I know that men in real prision don't look like Wentworth here, but DAMN. He is easy on the eyes, and in my imaginary world, he's very smart and witty. And likes to give foot rubs. And does dishes.

Next on the "TV boyfriend" parade:

Jensen Ackles portraying Dean Winchester on Supernatural.

Maybe I like guys who run around slaying the undead and demonic of the world. Maybe I like moody drifters. I don't know, but I like me some Jensen.

And rounding out my trip of man-candy?
Oh yeah. Nathan Fillion.

I could watch Firefly over and over and over and still not get sick of Nathan.

I know. All my guys are misunderstood tough guys with hearts of gold. They all do some ass-whoopin when needed - but only in self defense.

**Honorable Mention**

This is an up and coming TV boyfriend...

He plays "Russell" on Invasion. How the first wife ever left him for the creepy sheriff, I'll never know...

14 Baleful Regards:

Mignon said...

How unconventional of you... interesting that they're all a little 'below the radar' hmmm?

Mine's Denny. Pure and straight up Denny from Grey's Anatomy. And maybe Gordon from Sesame Street. Is that gross? I mean, is that like crushin on your favorite uncle?

Jenny said...

Mine is Chris from Northern Exposure. (John Corbett) I know, that totally dates me now. (plus I say 'totally' all the time...sigh)

Oh I like Dr. Carter too from ER but he's gone now too.

Smart, handsome, pacifist philosophers, that's my type.

Dawn said...

Mr Morris has informed me that Wentworth is gay.

And that is fine with me. I say, gay men sometimes make the best boyfriends of all.

mamatulip said...

Your last boyfriend, "Russel" used to be on Third Watch. YUMMY YUMMY.

Table4Five said...

Is that last guy Eddie Cibrian? He was so HOT on Third Watch.

But it is well-documented that Captain Mal is my imaginary TV boyfriend. Mmmm, Captainy Goodness in tight pants.

P.S. Hugs and smooches for you and Em.

Anonymous said...

Invasion has been cancelled. Sorry.

God, I love tortured guys who fight demons. Had me at "back, evil undead," etc. . . .

Supernatural, along with VM, has been renewed (both by the skin of their teeth) by the new CW network. GLEE!

Wentworth Miller also had me watching Prison Break for before the ungodly hiatus over the winter. I never went back, unfortunately. I think I'll be watching it on DVD. Or maybe reruns this summer.

Mal will always be my tv boyfriend. Strangely, Nthan Fillion was not that hot on Buffy. Weird. Yes, he was on Buffy (season 7) and that is just another reason for you to watch it.

Bobita said...

TV-Boyfriends, eh? Do you date them all at once? With all the foot-rubbin' man-candy lumped together? Or do you have a rotating schedule?

And what, pray tell, does Vlad think about all of this??? Or does he join/watch/do-the-dishes-while-you-are-otherwise-engaged?

Mom101 said...

Okay I don't know one of these guys. Am I a complete loser?

Anonymous said...

My god. I don't even watch "Prison Break," but Wentworth there can meet me for conjugal visits anytime.

Lisa said...

That last dreamy dude was on Young and the Restless years ago. I quit watching after he left. Yummy!

Anonymous said...

Okay, obviously I need to start watching me more TV, cause I am 0/0 on knowing who any of these dudes are.

Anonymous said...

Slap me in the ass and call me Shirley. No, that doesn't have anything to do with this post, I just felt like sayin' it.

Like Mom101 and Sweatpantsmom, I have no clue who any of these fellas are. This is precisely why I can't do a TV boyfriends list, because all I'd have are Sawyer and Sayid from Lost and Logan from Veronica Mars. Don't watch anything else.

Andrea said...

I second the Jensen Ackles notion! His Supernatural brother ain't so bad either.

Anonymous said...

My new guy is still John Kraskinksi from The Office.

If I were to kick it old school, - George Clooeny. Facts of Life to ER Geroge Clooney.

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