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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Terrance:(in living room , on couch) "Honey, Bring me the glasses thingy"

Me:(at computer in bedroom) "What?"

Terrance: "The glasses thingy - bring it to me.."

Me: "The glasses thingy?"

Terrance: "Yeah, the things for the glasses"

Me: "Are you asking for Lens cleaners?"

Terrance: "Bring me the glasses thing - you know the things for the glasses"

Me: "Are you referring to Lens Cleaner?"

Terrance: "Yeah, the stuff for the glasses.."

Me: "Do you mean the Lens Cleaner?"

Terrance: "Dawn, stop playing, bring me the stuff - the thing for the glasses.."

I rise and walk the 15 steps from the bedroom to the living room. I am holding the box clearly labeled "Lens Cleaners".

Me: "Are you referring to these Lens Cleaners?"

Terrance: "Yes, just give me one of the damn things.."

Me: "I'd be happy to get a lens cleaner for you."

I hold the box like Vanna White. I smile. I pose.

Terrance: "You're such a smart ass."

8 Baleful Regards:

Anonymous said...

What, you can't read minds? This has lowered my opinion of you, Dawn. You have so many other talents, I would have expected mind reading as well. ;-)

It's funny that he knew you figured out what he was asking for but still wouldn't say it. Lens cleaner, lens cleaner, lens cleaner!!!

Anonymous said...

Hmm. So he thinks you're the stubborn one?

Anonymous said...

haha. That's classic right there. Is glasses thingy the technical phd term? :)

Debbie said...

my already delightfully low opinion of your partner's valid entitlement to his degrees has slipped another notch.

p.s. you shore do have a way with them words.

Andrea said...

Too funny. I'm impressed that you figured that out. It's weird how much you learn about a person through marriage. I can tell who is on the phone just by the way my husband is talking, his tone, inflection, and how he says goodbye to them. It's even more eerie that I can pretty much follow the conversation based on his half because I've learned how he responds to what people say. Eerie

Amy said...

It could have been worse. ;) He could have called you from the bedroom to the living room to get the lens cleaner, which was also in the living room, for him.

Diana said...

*Amy- ha!

I'm usually the one with a loss for words for objects, and my husband dares to laugh at me. Terrance is a stubborn one-refusing to say Lens cleaner, huh? very funny...

Jaelithe said...

My husband does this to me all the time.

"Jae, um, could you get the thing that I need for this stuff that's over there in the other room in that place near the things?"

The worst part is that most of the time he's so wrapped up in is own thoughts that he doesn't even realize that the sentence he just uttered was nigh-unintelligible until I point this fact out to him.

And he wonders why I am always trying to tell him what to say when he tries to talk to, say, the cable company, on the phone . . .

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